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I'm a cyborg <|°_°|>

My main points of interest are templates and semantic media wiki. Don't bother me with design decisions, because I cannot be trusted in these regards. Get the feedback from other editors and tell me what to do. I will listen unless it breaks with my coding standards.

I turn on my automated processing BOT when the work gets too tiresome and repetitive. I feed him with your tasks if you leave me a detailed request.

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Hey, are you still active? I have quite a bit of work for a bot.

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Non-voice files don't have a category or ingame-path-filename (Media:Meteor Hammer.mp3) as far as I can see.

What would be the category/categories you'd like to have the hero/item/neutral sounds in? Blanking the page does eventually remove nice hooks to edit them later, so I'd prefer to do it in one go.

Sorry for being so pesky, I'm trying to avoid redundant work :)

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This is what I set up. I uploaded the non-voice files all new, the old sounds files will get deleted.

I want to keep the current voice files for archiving purposes, because a lot of them have older versions. Non-voice sounds mostly do not have older versions.

For the voice files, these are the new categories.

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Got it set up now. Have to find a way to do as many heroes as possible while being able to hold/resume at any time.

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I'll just list all heroes on your usertalk

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yeah rip. If I take the time I'll be able to run the bot, the speed of the task and the total amount of edits, it takes about 1-2 months :( I'll report back when I'm done.

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