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hi when i was playin a game my laptop turned off and when i started it again i backed to the game and after it done i found my self abandoned why can u help me ?? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) • (contribs) 10:49, 21 May 2014‎ • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I would recommend that you read the Abandon article, as it points out all the reasons one may be receive an abandon. What most likely happened to you is the "5 minute" reason. If you leave a game of Dota 2 and do not return after 5 minutes, you will receive an abandon and a loss (Even if you return and your team wins the match). I have to ask though, why did you post this comment in the Report Talk section? --PimpadelicX (talk) 16:51, 21 May 2014 (UTC)

Report Limit[edit]

Is "Players may submit 3 reports per week" true? But I can only submit once per week =-=--Dotalim0204 (talk) 12:43, 21 June 2016 (UTC) 16:17, 20 August 2019 (UTC)

False/spite reporting[edit]

"Any communication reports a player gets while currently communication banned are not counted." In other words: false reports are not counted. Absolutely amazing that such a obvious thing has to be even stated in the notes. But considering the amount of false/spite reporting that is going on in Dota I'm not surprised at all that it is.

Talking about false/spite reporting. Communication abuse reports get you communication banned, intentional feeding and/or ability abuse reports will send you to low priority. So if you never feed or misuse your abilities you will never get low priority matches, one would think. But that is far from the case, you will get low priority matches because it's a really well thought out report system that lets random players report you for whatever reason and get you send to low priority without any fact-check. What could go possibly wrong?

In dota people can report you for anything whether or not it's true or not. This results in a system were people get LP matches not because they actually fed or misused abilities but because they simply did something others didn't like (often enough) and get false/spite reported. Which could be basically anything, for instance picking a hero someone doesn't like. Or you could be a highly skilled player who is really toxic in chat but that should result in communication bans and not in LP matches, yet toxic players get send to LP more than any other players.

The way it is now is if a player, gets 30 kills without dying himself, is reported for feeding, the report counts. Or a player played a hero with no skills or item(s) which can by used on teammates, is reported for misuse of abilities, the report counts. This is an absolute absurd system.

Valve can solve this in 2 ways. The easiest way is rename the report reason to "this player annoyed me" or they could actually program the report system to ignore feeding reports when the stats clearly show that player did not feed and ignore misuse of abilities reports when the match data shows no (excessive) use of abilities on teammates.