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The Steam Workshop is a way for players to submit user-generated content to Dota 2. There are two main type of user-generated content for Dota 2: cosmetic items and custom game modes.

Custom Game ModesEdit

Main Article: Custom Games

Custom game modes are made using the Dota 2 Workshop Tools. Everyone can publish those in the Steam Workshop, and everyone can play them for free after downloading the tools from the custom games tab in Dota 2 and after subscribing the desidered custom game modes. Users can rate and subscribe to custom game modes as any Workshop submission.

Cosmetic ItemsEdit

Cosmetic items are sold for real money in the Steam Store, but before these objects must be submitted to the Dota 2 Workshop on Steam. Only submissions approved by Valve are added to the store. Creators of approved contents receive a portion of their sales proceeds. Users can rate submissions, although a higher rating does not guarantee its approval.

Eligible submissionsEdit

Several forms of cosmetic items are accepted for Dota 2:


Cosmetic items should "fit" the hero's theme, color scheme, and silhouette.

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