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For recipes used in crafting cosmetic items, see Crafting.
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Recipes are a type of item that does nothing on its own, but when combined with the right ingredients allows heroes to create more powerful items.

Recipes cannot be directly found in the shop, but can be purchased by selecting certain items that require that specific recipe to complete. By viewing a specific item in the shop, its hierarchy is displayed, both above and below it. Below the item is the ingredient hierarchy required to assemble it, while above it is the ingredient hierarchy that shows what it can be used to assemble.

Recipes are always purchasable, though they are just harmless and pointless pieces of paper occupying inventory slots. Generally it is better to first purchase items that have some properties.

There are auto combine items which do not require a recipe scroll as the items combine automatically to create it. Examples of these items are Perseverance icon.png Perseverance, Butterfly icon.png Butterfly, and Oblivion Staff icon.png Oblivion Staff.

Some items have multiple recipes. For example, Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon level 1 costs 2715 gold and its recipe costs 1250. Purchasing another recipe upgrades this item to level 2, purchasing another one upgrades it to level 3 and so on, for a maximum of 5 levels. The recipe costs 1250 gold for each level.

Drum of Endurance icon.png Drum of Endurance works with charges (6 charges), and purchasing its recipe again (575 gold) refills them, no matter how many of them were used.

With items such as Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone, where charges cannot be replenished to their original levels just by purchasing another Recipe, it is sometimes worthwhile to sell the item, buy another (at half price) and have all the charges back from when you purchased the item the first time.

Perseverance's item hierarchy: Its components are Ring of Health and Void Stone, and it is used to build Refresher Orb, Linken's Sphere, Lotus Orb and Battle Fury.

Recipe itemsEdit

Item (total cost) Recipe cost
  Abyssal Blade (6900) 1550
  Aeon Disk (3350) 1350
  Aether Lens (2350) 600
  Armlet of Mordiggian (2370) 550
  Assault Cuirass (5250) 1300
  Battle Fury (4400) 300
  Black King Bar (3975) 1375
  Bloodthorn (7205) 1000
  Boots of Travel 1 (2500) 2000
  Boots of Travel 2 (4500) 2000
  Bracer (465) 165
  Buckler (800) 200
  Crimson Guard (3550) 600
  Crystalys (2130) 500
  Daedalus (5330) 1000
  Dagon 1 (2715) 1250
  Dagon 2 (3965) 1250
  Dagon 3 (5215) 1250
  Dagon 4 (6465) 1250
  Dagon 5 (7715) 1250
  Diffusal Blade (3150) 700
  Drum of Endurance (1615) 575
  Eul's Scepter of Divinity (2750) 650
  Force Staff (2250) 950
  Guardian Greaves (5450) 1700
  Hand of Midas (2150) 1650
  Headdress (650) 300
  Kaya (1950) 500
  Linken's Sphere (5050) 1200
  Magic Wand (450) 150
  Manta Style (4800) 500
  Mekansm (2350) 900
  Mjollnir (5600) 900
  Necronomicon 1 (2400) 1300
  Necronomicon 2 (3700) 1300
  Necronomicon 3 (5000) 1300
  Null Talisman (465) 165
  Orchid Malevolence (4075) 775
  Pipe of Insight (3150) 800
  Radiance (5150) 1350
  Refresher Orb (5100) 1700
  Rod of Atos (2930) 1000
  Sange (2150) 700
  Shiva's Guard (4750) 650
  Silver Edge (5550) 600
  Skull Basher (3050) 1000
  Soul Ring (770) 200
  Spirit Vessel (2975) 750
  Urn of Shadows (875) 310
  Veil of Discord (2330) 500
  Wraith Band (465) 165
  Yasha (2150) 700

Items with multiple recipesEdit

Item Number of levels
  Boots of Travel 2
  Necronomicon 3
  Dagon 5


  • The symbol in the middle of the default recipe icon is that of the Combine, the antagonists from the Half-Life series. Given that the purpose of the recipe items is to "combine" others into a new item, it seems quite appropriate that this symbol be used.
  • Prior the gameplay patch 5.65, upgradable items did not use any recipe scrolls. Instead, smaller upgradable items were combined by basic item components, while some medium and most bigger upgradable items used an item called Upgrader. The Upgrader itself had absolutely no effect at all and had a cost of 1500 gold. It acted as a common "recipe scroll" for many items.

Version historyEdit

  • Diffusal Blade No longer upgradeable. No longer has charge limits. Cooldown increased to 15 seconds.
  • Recipe items no longer sell for 80% of their price (now 50% like regular items).
  • Recipes sell for 80% of the cost, helps with misclicks.


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