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Bad against...[edit]

Ancient Apparition icon.png
  • Ice Blast stops Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) from recovering additional health, and using it will even bring Morphling closer to the shatter threshold.
  • In lane, Ice Vortex slows Morphling's already poor movement speed to a crawl; this, coupled with the amplification of magic damage, can set up an early kill on Morphling if Ancient Apparition has a suitable lane partner.
Anti-Mage icon.png
  • Counterspell causes Morphling's Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade into Adaptive Strike combo to deal significantly less damage.
  • A competent Anti-Mage can even trigger his Counterspell to reflect the Ethereal Blast + Adaptive Strike combo back into Morphling, dealing significant damage or even killing him.
  • Additionally, his Mana Break ability allows him to quickly reduce Morphling's mana to a low value, either removing him from a fight, or forcing him to Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) to survive.
Arc Warden icon.png
Earth Spirit icon.png
Elder Titan icon.png
  • Most of Morphling's armor comes from his high agility and it is reduced by Natural Order.
  • On the other hand, aura has only 350 range and Elder Titan can be burst down by Morphling's nuke combo.
Lion icon.png
  • Mana Drain rapidly crushes Morphling's already low mana pool making him is unable to use Waveform or Adaptive Strike. Additionally, Hex prevents these abilities as well.
  • An Earth Spike + Finger of Death combo can burst an unwary Morphling down if he has his strength fully shifted to agility.
  • Alternatively, Morphling can initiate onto Lion and use the latter's own skills through Morph to disable and kill him.
Meepo icon.png
  • Earthbind disables Waveform, effectively keeping Morphling in place for extended periods in a teamfight allowing Meepo to deal considerable damage with Poof.
Mirana icon.png
  • Sacred Arrow long duration stun can prevent Morphling from casting his Waveform or Morph Replicate, make him unable to escape and easier to gank.
  • Moonlight Shadow also allows Mirana's team to surprise Morphling while he tries to push towers.
  • Mirana usually buys Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere to protect herself from single-target abilities, making Morphling's Adaptive Strike and Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade harder to use on her.
  • However, Mirana also provides a chance to become a good Morph target, allowing Morph to use Leap to run away, if necessary.
Outworld Devourer icon.png
  • Arcane Orb deals pure damage, effectively bypassing Morphling's high armor from Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) and Magic Resistance from Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) respectively.
  • Sanity's Eclipse is more effective against low health pool and intelligence Morphling, enabling OD to burst Morphling down before he can Morph to Strength.
Rubick icon.png
  • Rubick's ability to steal Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) makes him extremely annoying to deal with because Rubick's shifted attributes will remain even if he steals a new spell.
  • If Rubick moves enough points to strength and then steals Adaptive Strike, he will have a powerful 3-second range stun in his arsenal as well.
  • Waveform provides a reliable nuke/escape to Rubick.
Skywrath Mage icon.png
  • Arcane Bolt's low cooldown allows him to deal consistent damage to Morphling, and is a viable way to disable Linken's Sphere.
  • Ancient Seal prevents Morphling from using any of his skills, giving Skywrath and his team ample time to burst Morphling down.
  • Mystic Flare coupled with a stun/root can easily burst Morphling down, especially if he has more stats shifted to Agility.
  • Alternatively, Morphling can use Morph to use Skywrath's own silence and nukes against him.



Good against...[edit]

Lifestealer icon.png
  • N'aix is a great target for Morphling to use Morph, as he can use Lifestealer's Rage and Open Wounds to gain magic immunity/attack speed and a slow/lifesteal, respectively.
Bloodseeker icon.png
Clockwerk icon.png
  • Morphling can easily escape from Power Cogs with Waveform.
  • Even if trapped in Power Cogs, Morphling can use Attribute Shift (Strength Gain) to survive until they disappear.
  • However, Morphling should be wary of using his Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade combo on a Clockwerk protected by Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail.
Drow Ranger icon.png
  • Morphling can easily use Waveform to close the gap between him and Drow Ranger, but should be careful of her silence and movement slowing attacks.
  • Morphling is a natural Manta Style carrier, which dispels the silence from Drow Ranger's gust.
Lone Druid icon.png
  • Morphling can ignore Spirit Bear and shorten the distance to Lone Druid with Waveform.
  • Morphling can use his nukes to burst Lone Druid down, provided he is not rooted/disabled by Lone Druid's Bear beforehand.
Razor icon.png
  • Morphling can easily break Razor's Static Link with Waveform. Alternatively, Morphling can Morph into Razor and use the same ability against him.
  • Morphling's high armor makes Razor's Eye of the Storm mostly ineffective, enabling Morphling to fight Razor for longer.
  • Razor has no lock-down abilities, enabling Morphling to avoid his skills as needed.
Sniper icon.png
  • Morphling's high mobility allows him to easily get close to Sniper, who likes to keep his distance from enemies.
  • Sniper's low health also makes him extremely vulnerable to Morphling's Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade + Adaptive Strike combo.

Works well with...[edit]

Drow Ranger icon.png
  • Precision Aura gives Morphling a great deal of additional attack speed, which pairs well with his high base damage.
  • Having similar item builds, Morphling can be effective by impersonating Drow Ranger, with fast right-clicks, low consuming abilities, additional silencing skill and even abuse of Ethereal Blade in her form.
Tiny icon.png
  • Morphling can help burst down enemies with magic damage by combining his own ethereal combo with Tiny's Toss and Avalanche combo.
  • Morph can be used on Tiny, after choosing the proper talent at Level 20, providing a multitude of possibilities. Two Toss / Avalanche provides more stun/burst damage, and two Tree Grab provide an amazing lane and tower pushing potential.
Pugna icon.png
  • Decrepify works as a budget Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade for Morphling to deal more magic damage, allowing Morphling to build other items instead.
  • Life Drain can very quickly heal Morphling to full HP after morphing to full agility.
  • At level 20 Morphling can turn into Pugna, granting your team double Nether Ward.
Keeper of the Light icon.png
  • KoTL's Illuminate coupled with Morphling's Waveform can net Morphling some easy kills in lane, giving him a gold advantage.
  • Chakra Magic helps alliviate Morphling's low mana pool, allowing him to use his skills more often.
Crystal Maiden icon.png
  • Crystal Maiden's Crystal Nova and Frostbite combos very well with Morphling's Waveform, enabling him to get some kills in lane.
  • Arcane Aura provides Morphling with some much needed mana regeneration, allowing him to cast his nukes more often.


  • Heroes with burst magic damage will enjoy Morphling's Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade: Lina minimap icon.png Lina, Lion minimap icon.png Lion, Zeus minimap icon.png Zeus etc.
  • Heroes with disables who provide Morphling with the chance to kill the target with right clicks: Lion minimap icon.png Lion, Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman, Tidehunter minimap icon.png Tidehunter, Earthshaker minimap icon.png Earthshaker, Earth Spirit minimap icon.png Earth Spirit, Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow.
  • Disruption makes strong illusions of Morphling that usualy have high attributes. Morph can, in turn, Morph into Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon and make another 2 copies of Morphling's copy, adding 2 illusions to the fray. Considering Morphling can also wield a Manta Style icon.png Manta Style, it's possible having a wave of 6 copies of Morphling plus the original. Good for pushing in late stages of the game.


  • Although not a typical carry item, Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon synergises perfectly with Morphling's Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade.
  • When the talent "Waveform Attacks Targets" is chosen (level 20), items such as Mjollnir icon.png Mjollnir or Daedalus icon.png Daedalus come in handy to fast clear creep waves or illusions, specially useful against heroes with many copies, like Chaos Knight minimap icon.png Chaos Knight, Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer minimap icon.png Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade, given that each affected target can proc its own chain lightning or critical. These items are even stronger if the talent "2 Waveform Charges" is also chosen at level 25.
  • Even though Morphling scales better with stat-based items such as Butterfly icon.png Butterfly and Eye of Skadi icon.png Eye of Skadi, he can make decent use out of damage items such as Daedalus icon.png Daedalus or Monkey King Bar icon.png Monkey King Bar. Morphling's high base damage means he can crit for insane amounts of damage with the former, and Morphling's high attack speed results in multiple procs from the latter's passive, while making his right clicks more effective against heroes with Evasion.