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sourcetitleDota 2 - The International 2016 Compendium Update
notes* Greatly improved panorama CPU performance. This is most noticable as a framerate increase in the main Dashboard. * Fixed cases where players being kicked out of lobbies when a player closes the client. === Update 2 === * Fixed player card pack dialog erroring if you clicked the pack again while it was opening. No cards were lost by this, it was just causing the dialog to show an error message rather than the cards received.
changes* Some more console commands to help with stage projection at TI6 have been added. === [[The International 2016 Battle Pass]] === * TI6 Predictions have been added. * Fantasy League has been added. * Player Cards have been added. <div class="cosmetic-label" style="width:100px"><div style="box-shadow:0px 0px 2px 4px #b0c3d9">[[File:Cosmetic icon 2016 Player Card Pack.png|100px|link=2016 Player Card Pack|2016 Player Card Pack]]</div>[[2016 Player Card Pack|2016 Player Card Pack]]</div> === Dota 2 VR === * VR Spectating has been added to Dota 2. You can enable Dota 2 VR by downloading the new DLC available. More info on the [ FAQ page]. * Some more console commands to work with Dota 2 VR have been added. === Economy === * All the new animations from the new set of Immortals have now been added to the Effigy Editor. * Added <span class="image-link">[[File:Nightmare End icon.png|16px|link=Bane|alt=|class=noprint]] [[Bane#Nightmare End|Nightmare End]]</span> icon for [[Slumbering Terror]]. === UI Updates === * A new Notifications tab has been added to the dashboard at the top right hand side. You can stay up to date with all the new features of the game there. * A new error notification has been added to the game that tells you that you need to be either dead or near the fountain to swap cosmetics in-game. * A ton of backend supporting strings for all the new features added with this patch. * Some backend updates have been done for the TI On Stage Pod stuff. === Update 2 === * Fixed the green tick mark showing up on the Predictions when you picked Manila Major results. * Minor visual updates to the Notifications tab along with better description for the new features. * The link of the VR Hub notification in the Notifications tab was changed to take you to the Compendium Page VR Hub part rather than the VR FAQ page. ==== [[The International 2016 Battle Pass]] ==== * Kevin "Purge" Godec has been added to the English Casters list. * Yao "Yao" Zhengzheng has been added to the Chinese Casters list. * Alexey "Lex" Filippov has been removed from the Russian Casters list. * The real name of Chinese caster "Cold" has been removed. * Added two new Achievements: ** Group Stage Connoisseur: Correctly Guess 10 Group Stage Battle Predictions ** Game Genius: Correctly Guess 10/50/100 Main Event Battle Predictions ==== Economy ==== * The [[2016 Player Card Pack]] was added to the item schema and set as a commodity. That means it can be put up on trade offers. * Minor material fix to the <span class="image-link">[[File:Slark minimap icon.png|20px|link=Slark|class=noprint pixelart]] [[Slark|Slark]]</span> Immortal from Immortal III treasure.