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Chen "Zhou" Yao is a semi-retired professional Dota 2 player from China who plays for Team icon DanGo.png DanGo.

Professional Career[edit]


Zhou was first seen playing professionally in cD, where he already has the reputation of being one of the best carries in China. Despite having the best odds to win the SMM in 2009, they lost to FTD in the finals.


In 2010, Loveen's Nirvana bought over cD. At that time, Nirvana wasn't one of the best teams in China until the internal conflict of CityHunter, where PIS and Dgc joined Nirvana. Nirvana won the first season of G-League and fought hard into winning the World DotA Championship. They also earnt a third place in SMM 2010 and WGT 2011.


During the Great Chinese Reshuffle of 2011, Zhou joined CCM, and CCM easily became the top team in China at that time. Winning multiple championships. However, CCM lost their momentum deeper into the year.


With Wang Sicong buying over CCM and forming iG, they participated in WCG China 2011, placing 2nd, and also participated in The International 2011. After the merger of two iG teams, iG won the SMM Grand National DotA Championship 2011, and is currently one of the top teams in China. In 2012 Zhou led iG to victory in the International 2. In September 2013, Zhou was traded to TongFu.


Zhou officially announced his retirement on February 10th, 2014.[1][2]


Despite the famous play from The International 2012, Zhou has never heard the phrase "patience from Zhou."




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