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Yulsaria's Mantle

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Yulsaria's Mantle
Cosmetic icon Yulsaria's Mantle.png
Crystal Maiden icon.png
Crystal Maiden
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Shoulder

In an age now lost to time, the Frozen Witch Yulsaria ruled the whitelands, summoning blizzards and hail storms upon those who displeased her, while an army of ice golems roamed the lands to snuff out all warmth. In time, her southward expansion angered the Eldwurm Slyrak who, in his terrible rage, melted Yulsaria's armies with his endless flame before conquering the Frozen Witch herself. Now, centuries later, shifts in the ice have uncovered yet another shard of her empire: her frosty mantle.


A custom animation is listed for this item in the schema, but does not exist in game. It was likely deleted before release.

Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Attack Effect
Frostbite Effect

Ability icon[edit]

Yulsaria's Mantle Frostbite icon.png