Ye Olde Pipe

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Ye Olde Pipe
Cosmetic icon Ye Olde Pipe.png
Kunkka icon.png
Rarity: Common
Slot: Misc

An old pipe Kunkka plucked from a tidepool after being shipwrecked, the old seadog claims it brings him fortune and good luck, and thus never ever takes it from his scurvy-ridden mouth.
Created By
Armaments of Leviathan Set
Neptunian Sabre
Claddish Hightops
Admiral's Foraged Cap
Admiral's Stash
Claddish Gauntlets
Claddish Guard
Admiral's Salty Shawl
Ye Olde Pipe

This item has a flame and smoke trail particle effect.


  • This item has custom animations listed in the schema, but none exist in-game.
Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect Armaments of Leviathan Set Idle Rare.gif

Set Items[edit]

Ye Olde Pipe
Ye Olde Pipe