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Background Information
Romanized name:Jiang Cen
Birthdate:1987-02-03 (age 33)
Country:China China
Team:Old Boys Old Boys
Nickname(s):Big Head Fish(胖头鱼)
Signature heroes:Bounty Hunter icon.png Windranger icon.png Dark Seer icon.png
DotA 2:
2010-01-10 — 2011-08-02
2011-08-02 — 2014-07-24
2014-08-23 — Present

Jiang "YYF" Cen is a Chinese DotA player.

"YYF" is an abbreviation of "Yue Ye Feng"(月夜枫), which refers to "Maple in the Moonlight" in Chinese.

Professional Career[edit]


YYF joined LGD early in 2010 and was one of the main contributors to LGD's unbeaten run in early 2010. After 2009 retired, YYF took over the solo role and performed well. Despite LGD unable to achieve much in WDC and SMM, YYF was a key player in their run to most of the finals. In 2011, the whole LGD team underperformed, but came back well to win Starswars 6, with YYF's Doombringer having an intense farming speed that won them the game.


Just before The International 2011, in which LGD was prepared to participate in, YYF and 4 other players left LGD to join iG. This caused LGD to forfeit their place in the tournament. With iG.Y, they only reached the semi-finals of WDC as iG eventually merged both teams. YYF and co. then won SMM 2011 in Malaysia.

In July 2014, after The International 2014, YYF announced his retirement from Dota 2.[1]