X Hero Siege: Reborn

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X Hero Siege: Reborn
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Last update:Unknown
Latest version:3.41
Average duration:45-70 Minutes

X Hero Siege is a 8 player game. This mod is a recreation of the popular Warcraft III mod.


The map is split into 3 phases.

Phase 1: - Head to a lane to farm (0-40 min). - Defend the Castle against Incoming Waves of Darkness.

Phase 2: - Once Barracks destroyed, head to the ice towers and destroy them. - Then prepare for the Final Wave, defeat it and go back to ice towers location to use Green Teleporters.

Phase 3: - Defeat Magtheridon, and go through the gate that just opened. - Defeat Grom Hellscream, Illidan, Balanar, Admiral Proudmoore and head to Red Teleporters. - In This arena, defeat Arthas, Banehallow and Lich King.

Bonus: - A Duel Event will occur, splitting the team in 2. (WIP)

Special Events: - Special Event 1 (Muradin): Starts automatically after 12 minutes. You can't kill Muradin Bronzebeard. Just survive the 2 minutes countdown to receive 15 000 Bonus Gold.

- Special Event 2 (Farm Event): Starts automatically after 24 minutes. Kill as many creeps as you can to earn gold and xp.

- Special Event 3 (Ramero and Baristol): Kill 500 creeps to enter the special arena. Kill Ramero for the 'Lightning Sword'.

- Special Event 4 (Ramero 2): Kill 750 creeps to enter the special arena. Kill Ramero for the 'Ring of Superiority'. This item is very helpful to complete the game.


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