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Bad against...[edit]

Anti-Mage icon.png
  • Mana Break can prevent Wraith King from reincarnating unless Wraith King picks the level 20 talent that removes mana cost from reincarnation.
  • With Manta Style icon.png Manta Style, his mana burning will increase to 3 times because illusions can also use Mana Break.
Chaos Knight icon.png
  • Wraith King has no form of AoE to clear Chaos Knight illusions.
  • Wraith King is very vulnerable if he reincarnates in the middle of his illusions.
Invoker icon.png
  • Invoker can drain Wraith King's mana with EMP, preventing him from reincarnating.
  • Even if Wraith King survives and reincarnates, Invoker still has an arsenal of spells to lockdown Wraith King.
  • Tornado applies area dispel to clear skeletons.
Lion icon.png
  • While not being able to confront Wraith King by himself, Lion's Mana Drain helps in draining Wraith King's mana, preventing him from reincarnating.
  • Lion's Earth Spike and Hex provide decent lockdown against Wraith King as well, preventing the latter from benefiting from Vampiric Aura bonuses
Phantom Lancer icon.png
  • Wraith King is not good at handling illusion-based heroes, as his only disable is single-target.
  • Phantom Lancer tends to get Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade, leaving Wraith King no mana to reincarnate.
Riki icon.png
  • Riki is a natural Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade carrier.
  • Riki can use Smoke Screen on top of you as you're reincarnating, making you a sitting duck for your second life
  • Wraithfire Blast is quite predictable. Players with good reflexes will disjoint it with Tricks of the Trade.
  • There is also a chance he will become invisible again as the projectile travels, disjointing it.
Slark icon.png
  • Since Wraith King has a lot of health and multiple lives, Slark can keep gaining Essence Shift stacks, increasing armor, damage, and attack speed and can beat down Wraith King twice.
  • Slark sometimes carries Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade to burn mana as an attempt to shut down Reincarnation.
Terrorblade icon.png
  • Wraith King has no form of AoE to clear Terrorblade's illusions.
  • Terrorblade is a common Manta Style icon.png Manta Style and Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade carrier.
  • Terrorblade has very high armor which helps against Wraith King's physical-only damage.
  • Fresh reincarnated Wraith King can be ideal target for Sunder if he is low-health.
Weaver icon.png
  • Weaver can run away after killing Wraith King once thanks to Shukuchi.
  • Wraithfire Blast is quite predictable. If Weaver is quick, he will disjoint it with Shukuchi and proceed to chase Wraith King down.
  • Shukuchi does have a fade time. They cannot disjoint it if you use it right next to them. They will be stunned and take damage; however they will still become invisible if they used Shukuchi before the stun hits.
  • Weaver can easily harass Wraith King out of his lane thanks to his high base damage and Geminate Attack.
  • Weaver can burn Wraith Kings mana quickly with his Mana Break talent.


  • Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo can farm faster and has advantage in attack speed. Wraith King has only single target stun and can't handle all Meepos.
  • Heroes with summons and illusions such as Broodmother minimap icon.png Broodmother and Naga Siren minimap icon.png Naga Siren, are ill-suited for Wraith King to fight, as he has no source of waveclear.
  • Heroes with area dispel can kill skeletons at once: Brewmaster minimap icon.png Brewmaster, Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle


  • Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter defends against Wraith King's physical attacks.
  • Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade can burn Wraith King's mana quickly, preventing him from Reincarnating.
  • Necronomicon 1 icon.png Necronomicon summons can burn Wraith King's mana as well, preventing him from Reincarnating.
  • Battle Fury icon.png Battle Fury and Mjollnir icon.png Mjollnir deal area damage to wipe out skeletons.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd allows the user to dodge and disarm Wraith King's physical attacks.

Good against...[edit]

Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Rupture is meaningless while Reincarnation is off cooldown.
  • Vampiric Aura and Mortal Strike prevent Bloodseeker from achieving Thirst bonuses.
Doom icon.png
  • Even when Doomed, Wraith King can tear down Doom with physical attacks, and can still reincarnate as long as it is off-cooldown.
  • However, Wraith King players should be careful when facing against Doom players who farmed Aghanim's Scepter, since the Aghanim upgrade disable his two passive abilities, weakening his right-click attacks.
Legion Commander icon.png
  • Wraith King makes a poor Duel target, as he can be already quite hard to bring down once, and then you have to worry about his second life.
Necrophos icon.png
Techies icon.png
  • Wraith King is not afraid to walk wherever he goes with his Reincarnation ready.

Works well with...[edit]

Ursa icon.png
  • Vampiric Aura allows Ursa to do early Roshan without the need to buy any lifesteal items first.
  • Wraithfire Blast stun and slow allows Ursa to easily prey on enemy heroes.
Troll Warlord icon.png
  • The combination of Vampiric Aura and Troll Warlord's high DPS makes Troll Warlord almost unkillable.
Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Bloodrage significantly increases the damage of Wraith king's attacks (Especially with Mortal Strike crits). Since Wraith King is really tanky and can afford death thanks to his ultimate; this spell works really well with him.


  • Heroes with auras that buff attack speed and attack damage can increase damage output of many skeletons as well as of Wraith King: Beastmaster minimap icon.png Beastmaster, Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Vengeful Spirit


  • Helm of the Dominator icon.png Helm of the Dominator provides attack speed aura that benefits swarms of skeletons.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png Assault Cuirass also provides attack speed for skeletons, and for improving Wraith King's chance to crit, and his crit will deal even more damage thanks to armor reduction.