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Known Bugs


Arctic Burn[edit]

Arctic Burn causes Winter Wyvern to appear below the ground for enemies when cast while out of vision
When Winter Wyvern died, entering enemy vision with Arctic Burn active causes her to appear below the ground and slowly emerge to the surface. For this to happen, Winter Wyvern must have died and after respawning, must stay out of enemy vision and cast Arctic Burn before enemies gain vision over her. If they gain vision over her during Arctic Burn, she appears below the ground.
The same happens with Batrider minimap icon.png Batrider and his Firefly.
3 April 2017

Splinter Blast[edit]

Cold Embrace[edit]

Winter's Curse[edit]

Winter's Curse's taunt malfunctions when affected by multiple taunts and one of them expire
When a unit is affected by Winter's Curse and Berserker's Call, the first applied one takes priority and the second applied one takes effect when the first one expires before it. This works all fine, if the taunted unit does not receive any orders from the player. But if it does receive orders, the taunt can be avoided. Giving the taunting unit any order upon the transition between the taunts causes the unit to execute the order, instead of attacking the second taunt source.
9 March 2017