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Play Many hands make light work.
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Bad against...[edit]

Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Rupture turns Windranger's mobility against her.
Centaur Warrunner icon.png
  • Return will quickly go through Windranger's health.
Venomancer icon.png
  • Due to lack of magic resistance, poison damage eats through Windranger's health.
Silencer icon.png
  • Windranger heavily relies on her skills for any form of tactical advantage and damage. A well timed Silence will decimate her quickly.
Clockwerk icon.png
  • Clockwerk's abilities can hinder Windranger's positioning tactics.
Axe icon.png
Tinker icon.png
  • Tinker's abilities make quick work of Windranger, since Windranger doesn't have a lot of magic resistance.


  • Shadow Demon's Demonic Purge or Disruption can cause Windranger to waste her Windrun.
  • All of Nyx Assassin's skills are strong counters against Windranger. Even Vendetta, even though it deals physical damage. His item build is also a good counter against her. Items like Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon, Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade and Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse.
  • Morphling's long stun and high spell damage render Windranger helpless.
  • Slark's Pounce can noticeably slow Windrun, providing Slark enough time to stun and take Windranger down if he has the right items.
  • Bloodseeker's Rupture is a great counter against Windranger.


  • Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence can greatly reduce Windranger's performance due to her relying heavily on her skills for any tactical advantage.
  • Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere works against Focus Fire and Shackleshot.
  • Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail can be used to return Windranger's Focus Fire damage, forcing her to windrun or stop moving and attacking to prevent Focus Fire attacks. Especially good against magic damage proc builds.

Good against...[edit]

Shadow Fiend icon.png
  • Windranger can quickly kill Shadow Fiend with her skillset or disturb his farm with Powershot, rendering him useless.
Pudge icon.png
  • Pudge relies on his hook to initiate his combo. As long as you're able to avoid the hook with Windrun, and then shackle him, Windranger can take him down easily.
Wraith King icon.png
  • Focus Fire, combined with Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png Diffusal Blade will deplete Wraith King's mana quickly so he can't use his Reincarnation, Unless Wraith King chooses the "No Reincarnation Mana Cost" Level 20 Talent Tree. Windrun help Windranger to avoid Wraith King physical attack. Focus Fire will also remain active on Wraith King after he respawns, negating the problem of not having the cooldown available for his second life
Phantom Assassin icon.png
  • Phantom Assassin will be useless if Windranger managed to get Monkey King Bar icon.png Monkey King Bar or Bloodthorn icon.png Bloodthorn, and other than Stifling Dagger, Phantom Assassin has no damage that can bypass Windrun without a truestrike


  • Basically, heroes that have high physical attack and not relying on their abilities.

Works well with...[edit]

Nature's Prophet icon.png
  • Windranger can shackle a unit to a sprouted tree.
Drow Ranger icon.png


  • Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branch is also good for a Windranger. With fast hands and a Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger, she can easily shackle enemies even with no trees around her.