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Wicked Succubus Set

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Wicked Succubus Set
Cosmetic icon Wicked Succubus.png
Queen of Pain icon.png
Queen of Pain
Rarity: Uncommon
Created By
Wicked Succubus Set
Horns of the Wicked Succubus
Wraps of the Wicked Succubus
Wings of the Wicked Succubus
Dirk of the Wicked Succubus

This set can be obtained by purchasing a Premier League Season 5 Ticket. The ticket has since been removed from the Dota 2 Store due to several management scandals.[1]

It comes with selectable styles that can be unlocked by watching The Premier League Season 5 games.

Set Items[edit]


Styles are unlocked by increasing the counter on the Spectator Gem. If the gem is removed, the styles will become unavailable.