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The Weekend Battle Cup is a weekly amateur tournament, run automatically in the Dota 2 client. They are available during tournament events. Players form teams within an allotted time, and compete in an eight-team single elimination tournament. Tournament winners are given various rewards depending on the event.


  • Eight teams, single elimination brackets.
  • Teams are placed against similarly skilled opponents, roughly divided into tournament tiers, which is initially determined by players' Matchmaking Ratings. Team Matchingmaking is determined by each team's tournament tier and geographical region.
    • If team members have different tiers, the Battle Cup will use the highest tier from the team.
    • There are a total of six skill tiers, labeled as 3 to 8.
  • Surrender is enabled by typing gg.


  • Players must be at least Profile Level 25.
  • Players must be in a team to participate.
  • Each team requires five Battle Cup Tickets.
    • Tickets may be owned by any member of the team, as long as it totals five.
  • Teams must sign up before the tournament starting time for each region.
  • Teams must queue for matches within the thirty minute window after registration.


  • Tournament windows for SEA, Europe, and Americas occur on Saturdays.
  • Tournament window for China occurs on Sundays.
Region Start Time
Southeast Asia 11:00 UTC
China 17:00 UTC
Europe 18:00 UTC
Americas 0:00 UTC

Tournament Points[edit]

  • Points can be earned through participation and winning.
Feat Points
Joining any match 10
Advancing past the first round 20
Advance to the finals 30
Winning a tournament 70


Champion profile description
  • Players who win a tournament will earn:
    • A special Battle Cup Trophy and chat badge.
    • Prestige profile description detailing victories and streaks (for one week).
    • Seven exclusive emoticons (for one week).
    • An exclusive Battle Cup effigy.


Different events have different rules and awards for the Weekend Battle Cup.

The International 2016 Battle Pass[edit]

TI6 Battle Cup Effigy
  • Tournament winners were rewarded 15 Battle Levels for their Battle Pass.

Fall 2016 Battle Pass[edit]

Fall 2016 Battle Cup Effigy
Main Article: Fall 2016 Battle Pass
  • Tier 8 is added.
  • Tournament winners will be awarded two Fall 2016 treasures, 4 Battle Pass levels, and trophies.
  • Players who perform well will be invited to participate in an exclusive Champions Cup at the end of the season.
    • Tier-8 Champions Cup winners will even be eligible to form a team with other tier-8 winners to compete in one of four Spring Major Battle Cup Qualifiers, with the winners receiving invites to play in the Spring Major Regional Qualifiers.
  • See the official FAQ for more information.

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