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Wagamama treasure.png
Background Information
Name:Niklas Högström
Country:Sweden Sweden
Role:Carry, Midlaner
Alternate IDs:Waga
Signature heroes:Templar Assassin icon.png Lifestealer icon.png Faceless Void icon.png
2011 — 2012
2012 — 2013

Niklas "Wagamama" Högström is a Swedish professional Dota 2 player. He started his DotA career back in 2004 and transitioned into Dota 2 in September 2011. Wagamama is currently the captain of QPAD Red Pandas

Professional Career[edit]

Emocore/Team Infused[edit]

In December 2011, Wagamama and his team Emocore were picked by Team Infused. The team decided to part ways with Infused and became known as Skånes Elit.

Skånes Elit/Pulse Esports[edit]

In October 2012, Wagamama and Skånes Elit were picked up by Pulse Esports. The team disbanded in January 2013.

QPAD Red Pandas[edit]

In February 2013, Wagamama and SingSing formed the QPAD Dragons, which was later renamed to QPAD Red Pandas.[1]


Team Infused[edit]

QPAD Red Pandas[edit]