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WCG Asian Championships 2011 squads

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Group A[edit]


Base: Philippines Philippines

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Philippines Philippines wootz James Kenneth Valdez
Philippines Philippines Julz Julius Deleon
Philippines Philippines Bimbo Ryan Jay Qui
Philippines Philippines Owa Joshua dela Serna
Philippines Philippines rr Ralph Richard Peñano


Base: Indonesia Indonesia

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Indonesia Indonesia scL Ruby
Indonesia Indonesia NFR Azam
Indonesia Indonesia CK Coky
Indonesia Indonesia CJ7 Cucur
Indonesia Indonesia Y2K Reza

Eternal Souls[edit]

Base: Bangladesh Bangladesh

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Bangladesh Bangladesh 826
Bangladesh Bangladesh AurorA
Bangladesh Bangladesh wOw
Bangladesh Bangladesh Animal
Bangladesh Bangladesh 739

Group B[edit]


Base: Thailand Thailand

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Thailand Thailand Tha- Thakun Chalurnjun
Thailand Thailand Tifa Nuttawut Prateepsangkom
Thailand Thailand Gyu Chanathasiwakhun Thaweereuangwong
Thailand Thailand Mixgy
Thailand Thailand Norrie


Base: Pakistan Pakistan

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Pakistan Pakistan athraxxx
Pakistan Pakistan eon
Pakistan Pakistan belalking
Pakistan Pakistan thegame

Team India[edit]

Base: India India

Nationality ID Full Name Note
India India Windy
India India -rK-
India India Cr.M4d
India India MayheM
India India J <3 R

Group C[edit]


Base: Malaysia Malaysia

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Malaysia Malaysia Sharky Raymond Wong
Malaysia Malaysia Ky`xY Lee Kong Yang
Malaysia Malaysia Ling Sim Woi Cheong
Malaysia Malaysia Net Lim Wai Pern
Malaysia Malaysia TooFuckingGood Daniel Wong


Base: Vietnam Vietnam

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Vietnam Vietnam Lonely
Vietnam Vietnam Tung_con
Vietnam Vietnam BlackMoon
Vietnam Vietnam Kazu
Vietnam Vietnam NoLove


Base: Mongolia Mongolia

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Mongolia Mongolia Ariuka
Mongolia Mongolia Shooting
Mongolia Mongolia Ace_Muka
Mongolia Mongolia T.M
Mongolia Mongolia Incool

Group D[edit]


Base: China China
Manager: China Tang "71" Wenyi

Nationality ID Full Name Note
China China ARS Zhang Shangshi
China China 357 Yao Yi
China China Dai Lei Zengrong
China China PLT Zhang Zhicheng
China China PCT Zhang Miaolong


Base: South Korea South Korea

Nationality ID Full Name Note
South Korea South Korea Heen Lee Seung Gon
South Korea South Korea Potato
South Korea South Korea Hoonji
South Korea South Korea Lanpu
South Korea South Korea Orange


Base: Singapore Singapore

Nationality ID Full Name Note
Singapore Singapore Xul-
Singapore Singapore Bouncy
Singapore Singapore Warnutz
Singapore Singapore fragniity Eugene Lim
Singapore Singapore d4rkw1sH Wilson Tang