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Voice actors

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Voice actor Roles Other Valve roles
Ashly Burch.jpg Ashly Burch
Barry Dennen.jpg Barry Dennen ()
Bill Millsap.jpg Bill Millsap
Bruce Miles.jpg Bruce Miles
Dave Fennoy.jpg Dave Fennoy
David Scully.jpg David Scully
David Sobolov.png David Sobolov
Dee Bradley Baker.jpg Dee Bradley Baker
Dempsey Pappion.jpg Dempsey Pappion
Dennis Bateman.png Dennis Bateman
Elias Toufexis.png Elias Toufexis
Ellen McLain.png Ellen McLain
Eric Newsome.jpg Eric Newsome
Fred Tatasciore.jpg Fred Tatasciore
Gabe Newell.jpg Gabe Newell
Gary Schwartz.png Gary Schwartz
Gin Hammond.jpg Gin Hammond
Harry S. Robins.jpg Harry S. Robins
Jack Fisher.jpg Jack Fisher
James Kirkland.jpg James Kirkland
Jen Taylor.jpg Jen Taylor
Jim French.jpg Jim French ()
Jim Ward.jpg Jim Ward
John Patrick Lowrie.jpg John Patrick Lowrie
Jon St. John .jpg Jon St. John
Justin Roiland.jpg Justin Roiland
Kevan Brighting.jpg Kevan Brighting
Laraine Newman.jpg Laraine Newman
Laura Bailey.jpg Laura Bailey
Linda K. Morris.jpg Linda K. Morris
Logan Cunningham.jpeg Logan Cunningham
Matthew Mercer.jpg Matthew Mercer
Merle Dandridge.jpg Merle Dandridge
  • Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two)
Michael Gregory.jpg Michael Gregory
Michael Shapiro.jpg Michael Shapiro
Nolan North.jpg Nolan North
Phil LaMarr.jpg Phil LaMarr
Rene Mujica.jpg Rene Mujica
Rich Sommer.jpg Rich Sommer
Sam A. Mowry.jpg Sam A. Mowry
Samoa Joe.jpg Samoa Joe
Stephen Blum.jpg Steven Blum
Stephen Russell.jpg Stephen Russell
Pyrion Flax Voice Actor.jpg Ted Forsyth
Terry Wilton.jpg Terry Wilton
TJRamini.jpg TJ Ramini
Tom Chantler.jpg Tom Chantler
Tony Todd.jpg Tony Todd
  • Vortigaunts (Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Half-Life: Alyx)
Trevor Devall.jpg Trevor Devall
Wayne June.jpg Wayne June


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