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Viper minimap icon.png Viper, the Netherdrake
The malevolent familiar of a sadistic wizard who captured and hoped to tame him, Viper was curiously glad to have been sprung from the sealed and unchanging subterranean Nether Reaches where his race had lived for millions of years, after tectonic slippage had sealed off the Netherdrakes in luminous caverns. Viper spent some time appearing to submit to the wizard's enchainments, hoping to learn what he could of the dark magics the mage practiced. But he soon realized that few spells were as deadly as the toxins that were his birthright. Exuding an acid that swiftly ate away the bars of his cage, the Netherdrake slipped free of his confines, spit poison in the old spellcaster's eyes, and soared out to let the world know that it had a new master.
Associated with
Heroes:Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna
Places:Nether Reaches
  • After his experience as Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna's pet, Viper intends to take a sorcerer as his pet.[1][2]
  • Viper is interested in augmenting its body, a hobby picked up from his former master.[3] He accomplishes this through extensive magical experimentation, invoking sequences of spells that cause both him and his victims to suffer. When he feels that his body is sufficiently augmented, he plans on returning to the Nether Reaches via a rumored hidden passage, where he can reign as the most toxic creature of that place.[4]
  • According to Lifestealer minimap icon.png Lifestealer, Viper tastes like chicken.[5]

Friendships and rivalries[edit]

Allies meeting Viper

  • Play Gyrocopter minimap icon.png r Holy shit, it's Viper!
  • Play Medusa minimap icon.png r Reptiles rally!
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r You're not exciting, Viper, but you sure get the job done.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r You're Viper? Don't look like one to me.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png r The green shadow takes wing!

Enemies killing Viper

  • Play Batrider minimap icon.png Aw, Viper, and I was gonna take you out for a spin.
  • Play Dark Seer minimap icon.png Viper, I've seen your end.
  • Play Earth Spirit minimap icon.png Viper, you fall to Earth.
  • Play Enigma minimap icon.png Gravity brings you down.
  • Play Gyrocopter minimap icon.png And they call me a buzzard!
  • Play Lifestealer minimap icon.png Mmm, Viper…tastes like chicken.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Monkey vs snake. Monkey wins. Monkey always wins!
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Let's see if your poison's good for cleaning off blood.
  • Play Outworld Devourer minimap icon.png You let yourself get carried away.
  • Play Puck minimap icon.png Green you may be, but I find you tiresome.
  • Play Pugna minimap icon.png Ah Viper, my erstwhile pet.
  • Play Pugna minimap icon.png Viper! I wondered where you had gotten to.
  • Play Pugna minimap icon.png What was it, Viper? Nether Reaches lost their charm?
  • Play Pugna minimap icon.png Back to the Nether Reaches with you, Viper!
  • Play Pugna minimap icon.png Viper, here you fly where below you crawled.
  • Play Skywrath Mage minimap icon.png One source of aerial pollution curtailed.
  • Play Storm Spirit minimap icon.png You shouldn't have spit into the wind, Viper.
  • Play Sven minimap icon.png Hit the ground!
  • Play Sven minimap icon.png Dirt nap for you!
  • Play Sven minimap icon.png Time to slow down.
  • Play Play Undying minimap icon.png Dead air.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Your poison shadow is now but a crater.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Grounded.
  • Play Venomancer minimap icon.png Venom beats Viper!
  • Play Venomancer minimap icon.png Ah, Viper, you might want to invest in some venom.
  • Play Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png These are unfriendly skies for a viper.


  • Play Oracle minimap icon.png r V is not for visions of victory, but for a victim of a vicious viper.
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png I will bring you down!


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  2. Pugna response: Play Ah Viper, my erstwhile pet.
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  5. Lifestealer response: Play Mmm, Viper…tastes like chicken.