Version 6.58b

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Version 6.58b
(Full list)
  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
  • Fixed a rare bug introduced last version with Nevermore's ultimate
  • Fixed a bug with Cranium Basher
  • Fixed a suicide bug with Heartstopper
  • Fixed a bug with Overload
  • Various tooltip fixes
  • Fixed some rare glitches that could cause some abilities to malfunction
  • Fixed various -switch related bugs
  • Switch now works if all but one player votes for it, instead of requiring 100%
  • Fixed truesight on The Frozen Throne
  • Decreased Undying's model size a bit
  • Fixed conflicts between Viper Strike and Venomous Gale
  • Fixed Soul Rip targeting problems on Tombstone
  • Fixed -mo/-ro in -gameinfo
  • Fixed a bug when picking up invisibility rune while under the Phase effect from Phase Boots
  • Fixed -mr failing to be recognized as a gamemode
  • Fixed Rapier damage values when being carried by a non-owning player

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