Version 6.33b

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Version 6.33b
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  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
Date Needed
* Reduced some lag with Haunt and Dagger
* Removed Dispersion from images
* Fixed a bug with repicking Morphling, causing the next hero to also morph colors.
* Fixed the bug that allowed VS and Pudge to buy dagger
* Host now gets same gold as rest when picking a hero in -sh
* Fixed some bugs with Glaives/Impetus/Arcane that do extra damage when combined with either Manta Style or -sh
* Fixed Time Lapse to properly set the mana to the previous point instead of the previous point - 150
* Buffed Beastrage to reduce to half its level on target change, instead of resetting completely.
* Improved how Weaver's Watchers interact with spells
* Fixed a bug with Morphling in -sh
* Reduced Euls recipe cost a little from the 6.33 cost
* Fixed an AI issue in 6.30+ where the towers would target Juggernaut's Healing Ward first
* Fixed a bug with Static Field that would cause a minor static effect even without learning it
* Slight nerf to level 3 Haunt
* Fixed an old bug with Gravekeeper's cloak that did the damage to a 400 AoE instead of the 600 listed in tooltip.
* Fixed a bug with Dagger and Gem that sometimes caused That Gem to be undroppable for another hero.
* Fixed a -swaphero issue that could allow one player to get 2 heroes and the other none
* Fixed various typos
* Restored the Brewmaster name
* Fixed a bug with the damage type of both Spectral Dagger and Death Coil, causing them to do more damage than the tooltip said

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