Version 6.27b

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Version 6.27b
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  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Vast improvements to CustomKeys.txt compatability (see link when forums return)
*Fixed a Deathmatch Allrandom issue with getting more heroes than opponents
*Mana Burn on necronomicon moved to the other unit
*Fixed chaos bolt and crit using same learn hotkey
*Fixed losing the items on spirit bear in DM
*Fixed some issues with crushing wave causing a unit to be stuck in trees
*Fixed mekansm tooltip issues
*If a target is swapped into trees, those trees are destroyed (to help against some swap abuses)
*Fixed berserker call affecting a shackled unit
*Fixed a bug with -movespeed on tiny when he uses grow and morphling with adapt
*Fixed some old issues with charge of darkness and netherstrike
*Many typos fixed (Thanks to Ronan for his many reports)
*Fixed some sleep issues with lightning bolt and chainfrost on a chronosphered unit
*Spirit bear pathing issues fixed.

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