Version 6.25

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Version 6.25
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  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Fixed the norespawn bug
*Removed Nature's Attendants lag
*Fixed some DM bugs.
*Fixed a Time Lapse bug.
*Fixed Conversion on chicken abuse
*Toss does partial damage to towers instead of no damage from last patch
*Fixed a perm invulnerable Timewalk bug
*Removed the restriction of buying HoM and Necronomicon on Tinker by implementing a more advanced Rearm so those specific items can't be abused but can still be used by him.
*Fixed a bug with Impetus and Glaives of Wisdom that caused them to do extra damage sometimes
*Fixed some -lm issues
*Bloodrage can no longer kill chickens
*Fixed an old DK leveling in dragon form bug

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