Version 6.18b

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Version 6.18b
(Full list)
  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
-Last Word effect now only happens after a spell is finished casting, not starting to cast. Now channeling abilities will be able to work without getting silenced first
-Changed Sange and S&Y similar to how Yasha was changed
-Fixed delay in bristleback ability execution that caused a display glitch
-Increased pugna starting str from 14->17
-Removed splash from netherward but increased hp/manadrain per level
-Reduced casting delay on nether blast by 50%
-Increased cost of necronomicon, it has slightly more str
-Fixed bug with being able to buy heroes if -ar is typed quickly at start
-Fixed a minor omnislash bug
-Tiny is no longer allowed to toss a unit to a chicken (abuses with this happen)
-Changed Dagon to a number display of 1/2/3/4/5 from 0/1/2/3/4
-Did something that may help in the picking and randoming of a same hero to get duplicates bug
-Fixed a bug that causes the Grow learn icon to move
-Fixed a rare chainfrost bug that created a global casting nova unit
-Fixed Chakra Magic, Kraken Shell and Dragon Blood learn hotkeys
-Clarified Gravechill and Enrage tooltips
-Reduced lich starting int from 20->18
-Goo 30 mana cost all levels, from 10/15/20/25
-Stasis, Remote, Observer and Sentry wards have no collision size, no more creep blocking
-Buffed spiritbreaker’s str/lvl from 2.0->2.5 and base str by 1
-Increased model size of spiritbreaker slightly
-Buffed level 1 untouchable
-Scythe nerfed to 3.25 seconds
-Spin Web typo on movement speed increase
-Fixed Unstable Power icon moving
-Various minor tooltip fixes
-Fixed various lycan typos fixed
-Fixed old bug that caused morphling to continue stat changing while he was dead
-Removed the small move speed buff on overpower
-Fixed Grave Bind on the revenants to work on non-hero units as well
-Updated TDA Rules


  • This version was originally supposed to be 6.19, but was pushed early due to a game breaking bug which needed addressing.

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