Version 6.15

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Version 6.15
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Release Date
Date Needed
-Chen Remake.
-Silencer Remake.
-Rune colors changed based on the type of rune. (suggestion from Mlock)
-Pushed back the neutral spawn lag to before the creeps fight.
-Buffed Insatiable Hunger.
-Added some code to help random be a bit more random.
-Fixed some issues with unstuck and added a message to warn not to move.
-Fixed Radiance so it doesn't make roshan and ancients attack you.
Fixed Tinker attack range typo.
I'd like to thank Cottontop for penitence suggestion and blurrycloud for curse of the silent idea.
Thanks to Terrorblaze for icon ideas.
The next few versions will be HEAVILY focused on bugs and balances fixes.

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