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Version 6.08

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Version 6.08
(Full list)
  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Fixed -refresh to properly display the fade from your point of view
*Spiritbreak tweaks to all his abilities
*Significant lag improvement on charge of darkness
*Spiritbreaker cannot damage ally via empowering haste or greaterbash
*Viscous Nasal Goo tweak
*Warpath buff (gives +30% move speed on triggering)
*Restored Phantom Lancer model
*Removed the slowing towers at rax (will implement a better solution in the future)
*Faceless can now use refresher orb
*Small SA Backstab buff
*Decreased cooldown on buying items (most from 5->2 seconds)
*Swapped mantle and slippers locations
*Typo on Blade Mail
*Temporal Drag tooltip fix
*Spiritbreaker collision size issue resolved
*Raise Revenants tooltip fix
*Fleshheap typo
*Fixed a counterhelix glitch
*Few other misc typos

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