Version 6.06

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Version 6.06
(Full list)
  • Changed Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma's alliance from Scourge to Sentinel (Dire icon.png Dire to Radiant icon.png Radiant).
  • Some balance changes.
Release Date
Date Needed
-Duplicate heroes fixed [maybe this time!]
-Maelstrom values tweaked
-Mask of Madness %dmg taken from 25->20
-Faceless cannot carry refresher orb
-Bottom lane scourge creeps meet sent creeps a bit higher up
-Tweaked neutral creep locations and abilities a little
-Slightly changed a few recipe costs
-Changed some values on Morph Attack and Unstable Power
-Reworked timestop to reduce lag
-Reworked scattershot to reduce lag
-Tweaked Fissure to reduce lag
-Removed watery effect from slardar stomp to reduce lag
-All In proper odds fixed along with one or two other gambler modifications
-Blink strike properly deals damage
-Slightly changed a few recipe costs.
-Morphling stat points now add 2/2/2 and starting intelligence from 15 to 17
-SK Burrowstrike stun duration changed from 2 -> 1.65
-Epicenter values tweaked a bit
-Sent and Scourge Supercreeps now do same damage (dmg similar to 5.84 supercreeps)
-Sapphire water changed from 12 sec(33.3hp/sec) to 20 sec (20hp/sec) (Still total 400 though)
-Removed some items from consumable shop and organized it.
-Tiny Grow reduced speed improved, from -20/-40/-60 to -20/-35/-50
-Slightly buffed scorched earth
-Untouchable properly works at higher levels now
-Dark ritual cooldown increased a bit
-Enigma and Gambler switched sides (Clan Match balance, at least temporarily)
-Wand of Negation removed
-Fixed song of siren duration as it was listed
-Tweaked Malefice to be useful to level
-Timestop cooldown increased and the AoE chanegd from global to something similar to song of the siren
-Changed 'Presence of the Dark Lord' ability to an aura that gives -1/2/3/4 armor in an area
-Tweaked bonuses received during avatar
-Refresher temporarily disabled on veno (will restore next version pending a global fix, which is done but i'd like to give time to test it rather than rush it in now)
-Many other misc tweaks (Explore!)
-Quest Menu readded.
-Fixed many typos
-Hero descriptions added
-Ignis Fatuus now has an attack (just to fix when you `attack-move` and it runs to the front lines)

I've decided that for the time being i will not address issues with mm,id,dm until other more important issues for the more common modes are dealt with. Most likely in the next version or two i'll get around to those, but not for this version.

New heroes will most likely start being introduced next version or two, depending on the remaining number of balance/bugs issues in this one.

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