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Version 6.03b

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Version 6.03b
(Full list)
  • Balance changes.
Release Date
Date Needed
-Tiny no longer has armor bug
-Mekansm sell cost 1250 now.
-Tiny Toss fixed.
-Tinker march fixed
-Poison Nova no longer allows for building towers.
-Fixed TP consumable so it can only target structures.
-Helm of Dominator tooltip fixed (now says Dominate instead of Deathpact)
-Satanic recipe now properly says Deathpact
-Panda icon no longer in tavern after hero selection (finally!)
-Burize now +75 (from +67) and gains 2.2 crit (from 2.0)
-Burize recipe cost now 750.
-Crystalys now 1.75 crit multiplier
-Crystalys recipe now costs 800

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