Version 6.01

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Version 6.01
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  • Balance changes.
Release Date
Date Needed
-Fixed Strygwyr's colo changing in Demon Fury.
-Razzle's Shadow Weave does not affect enemies yet. Power Word lasts longer.
-Malefice now works properly.
-Darchow's name changed to Darchrow.
-Black Holes are now properly invulnerable.
-Midnight Pulse no longer damages ancients.
-Mekansm can no longer trigger infinitely, doesn't work with images, and has a smaller chance to proc.
-Scattershot temporarily replaced by 5.84b version.
-Chen's Perdition given a cooldown and much higher mana cost.
-Added -unstuck as a test command.
-Destroying Moon Wells or Ziggurats no longer buffs creeps.
-Silencer's Rain of Chaos doesn't damage buildings.
-Tiourikikaze, God of Wind, model changed to Wildkin.
-Cooldowns fixed in various areas.
-First Blood added.
-Tiny can no longer Toss ancients.
-Roshan should be more intelligent now.
-Fixed some of the problems with Orange's scores.
-Fixed Yasha, Mithril Hammer issues.
-Nerfed Yasha, Sange and Yasha, and Hand of Midas.
-Fixed many small errors on items.
-Nerfed Morphling's Blink.
-Fixed issues with units not having food costs.
-Fixed various small bugs with heroes.

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