Version 6.00

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Version 6.00
(Full list)
Release Date
-`Re-adjusted` all of the casting, attacking, and movement animations so that they should more fully match the hero models.
-Added Earthshaker
-Added Shadow Fiend (thanks Wikid on ultimate)
-Added Mogul Kahn
-Added Tiny
-Added Enigma
-Finished Phantom Lancer
-Fixed hotkeys for Sunrise Tavern
-Moved Taverns around a little
-Began implimenting a Spellcaster system
-Deleted misc unused skills and units
-Fixed some misc bugs where skills could be gotten at earlier levels than advertized
-Made it so that Blink Strike makes the unit face the target
-Increased selection range on shops
-Can no longer attack allies while spell immune
-Tried to fix whatever typos I came across
-Attempted to reduce the number of custom objects used in various skills

-All items now have their icons in the shops
-Reduced mana cost on BoT from 150 to 75
-Added %Bash numbers to Cranium Basher tooltip
-Added %dodge numbers to Radiance tooltip
-Added %cleave to Battle Fury tooltip
-Added damage/second numbers on Radiance
-Added duration numbers to Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
-Added multiplier numbers to Crysalis and Burize
-Morphling can no longer use Refresher
-Added Stygian reduction numbers to tooltip
-Modified Mask of Madess to 75% IAS (down from 97%), 10% move speed (down from 15%), lifesteal reduced to 10% from 12%, and added a mana cost of 50.
-Mask of Madness recipe now costs 1250
-Fixed Diffusal and Blink Dagger sharing cooldown
-Morphling can no longer copy Sapphire Water
-Changed Vitality Booster to 1100 gold
-Changed Point Booster to 1200 gold
-Added Bracer recipe
-Added Wraith Band recipe
-Added Blade Mail recipe
-Added Disposables Shop and moved some of the charged items over
-Added Sturdy Shield item
-Removed the +300 Mana from Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse, added 900 gold cost to recipe, and now gives +25 Intelligence
-Eul's Scepter now gives +18 Intelligence (up from 10)
-Removed +1 armor from Null Talisman, lowered recipe to 150 gold
-Nerzheim Buckler recipe changed, along with effects
-Ring of Basilius now gives +3 damage
-Aegis of the Immortal recipe changed, along with effects
-Cloak of the Magus no longer gives 50% mana regen. Cost reduced to 450.
-Satanic now takes Messer in place of Demon Edge

Sand King
-Replaced Dust Trail with Sand Storm
-Made Entrench `multi-instance`
-Made Epicenter `multi-instance`
-Fixed some Burrowstrike bugs
-Fixed Burrowstrike so it can no longer be cast while silenced/ensnared

Pudge 2.0
-Fixed Meat Hook bug that caused it to become erratic at long range
-Meat Hook should fire perfectly strait with no arcingnow
-Lowered time during which Pudge is uncommandable on Meat Hook from .5 to .4 seconds
-Made it so that Pudge should no longer hook invisible mines or hidden units (if he has detection, he will hit them again)
-Slightly modified Flesh Heap's tooltip
-Fixed Flesh Heap so it no longer gives invulnerability to Piercing attacks
-Rot slows opponents by 20%
-Flesh Heap now gives .5/1/1.5/2 Str per hero killed (still gives .03/.06/.09/.12 Str per `non-hero`).

-Shockwave no longer hits buildings

-Str/level up to 2.2 from 2
-`Whirly-thing` costs less mana, lower cooldown
-Omnislash got +1 slash at all levels

Drow Ranger
-Slightly modified Marksmanship's tooltip
-Frost Arrows slow for 10/20/30/40% movement speed, down from 15/30/40/50%

-Reduced duration of Overpower to 15 seconds
-Increased cooldown of Overpower to 15 seconds
-Fixed some bugs involved with `multi-instancing`, and `short-changing` you when you died with Overpower on
-Modified Fury Swipe's tooltip to clarify

-Reduced mana costs for Pulse Nova at all levels by `30-40`/second
-Added .5 second cooldown to prevent "flickering"
-Increased cooldown on Diabolic Edict from 15 to 30 seconds
-Increased mana cost on Diabolic Edict by 20 at all levels

-Reduced AoE on War Stomp to 275/300/325/350
-Made move type Amphibious
-War Stomp has cooldown of 8 seconds with 2/2.5/3/3.25 second stun

-Reduced AoE on Hoof Stomp to 275/300/325/350
-Hoofstomp cooldown increased from 8.5 to 10.5 seconds
-Duration lowered to .75/1.5/2.25/3 seconds

-Made move type Foot (formerly Amphibious)
-Hopefully fixed Meta bonus damage bug
-Images now deal 25/35/45/55% damage (down 10% all levels)

-Added attack sound
-Crit at level 4 does 1.5 as advertized
-Made move type Amphibious

-Added attack sound

-Made move type Amphibious
-Removed Purge
-Split Shot is now an activated skill that fires 3 arrows at all levels but arrows only deal 20/30/40/50% of Medusa's damage
-Mana Shield is now a `4-level` base ability that blocks 50% of incoming damage with a .75/1.25/1.5/2 mana/HP ratio
-Ultimate is now Gaze
-She deals her full advertised damage

Faceless Void
-Time Stop now stuns for 3.5 seconds at all levels, with decreasing cooldown. Can use Refresher Orb again.
-Time Stop now affects buildings, and will graphically freeze the units in place

-Reduced movement speed from 300 to 290
-Attack type is now Instant (no graphic)
-`Re-did` Scattershot (Wikid)

-Reduced damage on ult from 50/75/100 to 40/55/85
-Reduced slow on Incapacitating Bite by 5% at all levels
-Reduced miss effect on Incapactitating bite from .15/.25/.35/.45 to .1/.15/.2/.25
-Increased Str/level from 2 to 2.5
-Gave Insatiable Hunger a new icon

-Reduced damage, cooldown, and mana cost on Heat-Seeking Missile
-Adjusted the Rearm time to 3/2/1 seconds
-Replaced March of the Machines with Gattling Gun (Wikid)

-Fixed small time lapse between attack and Silence effect
-Infernals no longer affect buildings

-Got new graphics for hero

-Fixed learning hotkey on Living Armor

Bounty Hunter
-Received new icon
-Got Disarm as new ultimate

-Changed Heartstopper from a castable skill to an aura. Now drains 1% of their maximum life per second; AoE of 200/400/600/800
-Changed projectile graphic

Phantom Assassin
-Changed "Coup de Gras" to "Coup de Grâce"
-Blink Strike `re-triggered` (thank you Wikidme)
-Modified -refresh a little

-Added a 75/100/140 mana cost to Guardian Angel
-Degen Aura reduced to 7/14/21/28% slow, but increased in area from 220 to 300.
-Purification no longer hits wards

-Increased mana cost of Arc Lightning by 15 at all levels
-Static Field no longer affects sleeping units
-Reduced Str/level from 2 to 1.4

-Fixed Dark Ritual learning hotkey

Vengeful Spirit
-Added duration of Terror into tooltip
-Replaced Terror with Disentangle

-Fixed Sprout bug/abuse and made it fully `multi-instancible` (thanks Wikid)

-Reworked Gush a little (Wikid, no gameplay effects)

Night Stalker
-Added attack sound

-Lowered Str/level from 3.1 to 2.9

-`Re-triggered` Poison Nova. Should `multi-instance`, hit all units within range, and be less buggy overall. Downsides are that it will probably hit a little further than the graphics may indicate, and it no longer slows. (Wikid)

-Entirely reworked Visage. Removed Frenzy, Blink, and Mana Burn; replaced with Grave Chill, Soul Assumption, and Anonymous Dead. Revamped Progenerate Gargoyles a little; now called Raise Revenants. Revenants are the same as Gargoyles except that they have an Incinerate variant that lends 1/2/3 bonus damage per attack.

Queen of Pain
-Reduced attack range from 650 to 600
-`Re-skinned` Fan of Knives to Scream of Pain (no gameplay changes)

-Fixed tooltip (Cottontop)

Stealth Assassin
-Replaced Blink with Blink Strike
-Replaced Critical with Backstab
-Made Permanent Invisibility his ultimate
-Removed Death Ward
-Added Smoke Screen

-Can now attack Banished units, but has a longer cooldown on the attack

-Shield now reduced attack speed by 20% at all levels and gives 30/40/50/60% magic reduction

Ogre Magi
-`Multi-cast` reworked so that it reduces the cooldown of Fireblast by 3 seconds and Bloodlust by 5 seconds at each level.
-Lightning Shield replaced with Ignite, Multicast causes Ignite to deal damage in an area

Dragon Knight
-replaced Dragon Tail with Stone Form
-replaced Dragon's Blood with Roar

New Heroes:
-Sentinel: Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker, Tiny the Mountain Giant, Chen 2.0, Stealth Assassin 2.0, Azwraith the Phantom Lancer, Aiushtha the Enchantress, God of Wind
-Scourge: Darchrow the Enigma, Mogul Kahn the Axe, Nevermore the Shadow Fiend, Visage 2.0, Anub’seran the Nerubian Weaver, Strygwyr the Bloodseeker, Shadow Priest

Heroes that Received Significant changes:
-Visage, Chen, and SA got complete overhauls
-Dragon Knight: replaced Dragon Tail and Dragon Blood with Stone Form and Roar
-Medusa: Mana Shield now base skill that blocks 50% of incoming damage, Split Shot is now an activated skill that causes Medusa to deal less damage while firing multiple arrows, removed Purge, ultimate is now Gaze
-Ogre Magi: replaced Lightning Shield with Ignite, a damage over time slowing skill. Ultimate now reduces the cooldown on Bloodlust and Fireblast each level, and increases the area of Ignite.

New Recipes:
-Wraith Band: the “Agility” Null, that gives +6 to Agi and +3 to other stats.
-Bracer: the “Strength” Null, that gives +6 to Str and +3 to other stats.
-Hand of Midas: has active Transmute, allowing you to convert enemy units into pure gold.
-Blade Mail: gives armor and damage return against melee
-Guardian Mail: gives armor and magic resist
-Linken's Mirror Shield: gives magic resist and the chance to reflect a spell back on its caster
-Mekansm: combines the three “Nulls” and an orb for bonus stats. Gives a chance to become Invulnerable if attacked.
-Sange: gives %chance to Maim an opponent causing him or her to attack more slowly (orb).
-Yasha: increases attack and movement speed
-Sange and Yasha: combines the two previous items and their effects, giving boosts to them.
-Necromicon: summons 2 skellie warriors and 2 skellie archers

Major Changes in Old Items:
-Manta: now chargless with a completely new recipe/more expensive
-Satanic: now incorporates a Messer in place of Demon Edge
-Headdress of Regeneration: now has the ability to `self-heal` for 200 HP (100 mana cost)

Notable Bugs Fixed:
-`Double-sprout` bug
-Sand King lost Dust Trail, so no more `Sent-side` glitches
-`Perma-invis` bug on Broodmother

Other Major Things:
-New Terrain
-New consumable shop; Chimera Roost for Sent, Graveyard for Scourge
-Items bought in the consumables shops will fuse their charges so that only 1 slot is required per type of item.
-Items now have their icons in the shops
-Item recipes now include a description of what they do
-Tried to make it easier to learn the `Arrow-Orb` system
-Barracks have been made less important, other buildings more
-Capture the Flag mode
  • Removed the Kill Sound "Combo Whore!".
    • This Sound was played if a hero is attacked by two or more spells and is killed.
  • Neutral Creeps
    • Replaced Dire/Scourge Safe Lane Ancient Camp with a Medium Camp.
    • Now Neutral Creeps start spawning at the same game time as Lane Creeps.
  • Unreleased content
    • Removed Data of unreleased hero Son of The Sun, The Keeper of The Flame
    • Added Data for unreleased Radiant (Sentinel) hero Phorgos, The Basilisk
Hero Description:
Lost in the deepest part of the Plaguelands, Phorgos was forgotten by civilization for ages. Angered by the Scourge's corrupting of his lands, he has joined the Sentinel as a hardy mythical beast, with savage poisonous attacks and toughness hardened by time
Strength: 17 + 2.00 Agility: 16 + 1.9 Intelligence (Main Attribute): 20 + 2.3
Learns: Acid Spray, Toxicosis, Fervent Plague and Gaze
Attack range of 550.
Hero Description:Nimble hero, with the ability to traverse the map quickly. Has Ignite, Fly, Bat Bite, and FUNGWARBI!
Hero Description: Warrior Hero, adept with buffs, debuffs, and army control. Can learn Abyssal Shield, Coleoptric Conversion, Aphotic Field, and Mark of the Abyss.
Hero Description: A neutral master of the arcane arts, Morban has chosen the side of the Scourge. His gameplay is very unique and advanced.
The single spell he can cast is always damaging and varies with what minor reagents he has active. Can learn Quas, Wex, Exort, and Invoke.

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