Version 5.84

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Version 5.84
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Release Date
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*Deathmatch now compatible with allrandom, allpick, and teamrandom.
*Deathmatch now allows you to keep your items when dying.
*Added -id, item drop mode, which drops an item from a random slot when you die instead of losing gold.
*Fixed deathmatch bugs that don't track your level properly.
*Short mode now increases experience gained slightly more.
*Omnislash nerfed slightly.
*Guinsoo's Scythe damage buffed slightly.
*Mask of Madness damage taken increased slightly.
*Flesh Heap piercing damage taken fixed.
*Epicenter damage lowered to 120, casting time reinstated.
*Fireblast cooldown increased further.
*Shendelzare's Terror changed to an activated ability.
*Buffed Guardian Angel and Degen Aura slightly.
*Death Ward damage decreased at level 3 and 4.
*Dragon Knight's Greed and Immolation replaced by Dragon Blood and Dragon Tail.
*Visage's Mana Burn damage reduced.
*Jinada and Drunken Brawler less powerful.
*Eyes in the Forest sight reduced.
*Nature's Guise duration reduced.
*Overgrowth damage decreased and cooldown increased.
*Tinker movement speed increased to 290.
*Gold cost on Sacred Relic decreased.
*Kel'thuzad is now Kel'thuzad the Lich.
*Area of effect on Mighty Swing increased slightly.

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