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Version 5.80

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Version 5.80
(Full list)
  • Balance changes.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Fixed Devour bug.
*Added -deathmatch and -supercreeps.
*Fixed Aghanim's Scepter on Necrolyte.
*Added Aghanim's Scepter for Luna Moonfang. Took it away from Lucy.
*Made Remote Mines able to detonate themselves individually.
*Fixed Flesh Heap's tooltip.
*Fixed Mana Burn's hotkey on Visage.
*Sand King and Ogre Magi can now hit air.
*Multicast now works properly on -mm or -dm.
*Fixed Lightning Shield's tooltip.
*Fixed Rooftrellen's, Leviathan's, and Visage's buy tooltips.
*Track now properly gives 50/100/150 gold.
*Tried to fix refresh, but was unable. I'll continue to work on it.
*Fixed Blink Strike.
*Removed the invulnerability from Meat Hook, fixed bug where it sometimes didn't cost mana.
*Also tried to fix Dust Trail, but am yet unsuccessful.
*Changed mana cost on Death Pact.
*Added more HP to Nether ward.
*Rewrote Poison Nova so it works better.
*Buffed Mana Leak.
*Buffed Spirit Wolves, Howl, and Shapeshift.
*Buffed Stygian Desolator, The Butterfly and Power Treads.
*Buffed Visage's Mana Burn and Gargoyles.
*Nerfed Gush and Sadist.
*Increased cooldown and mana cost on Fireblast.
*Buffed Lightning Shield.
*Nerfed Thundergod's Wrath slightly.
*Adjusted Medusa's stats slightly.
*Reduced Holy Persuasion's mana cost.
*Multishot hits 3/4/5 targets now.
*Buffed Shockwave and gave Magnus Mighty Swing.
*Soul Steal costs less mana and has smaller cooldown.

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