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Version 5.78

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Version 5.78
(Full list)
  • Balanced item costs.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Circlet of nobility cost increased to 171 from 125.
*Ultimate Orb cost reduced to 2000 from 2300.
*Null Talisman cost reduced to 496 from 500.
*Headdress of Rejuvenation cost increased to 1121 from 1075.
*Eye of Skadi cost reduced to 6350 from 6950.
Added 10/25:
*Boots of Travel movement reduced to 100 from 115.
*Cranium Basher for Ranged heroes bash duration reduced to 1.15 from 1.3.
*Helm of Iron Will regeneration reduced to 2 HP/sec from 4HP/sec.
Added 10/31:
*Blink Strike given back to PA and Chaos Knight.

Other changes:
*More Bug Fixes.

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