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Version 5.75

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Version 5.75
(Full list)
Release Date
*Flask of Sapphire Water cost changed to 370 gold.
*Hunk of Cheese cost reduced to 650 gold.
*Circlet of nobility cost reduced to 125 gold from 175 gold.
*Null talisman cost reduced to 500 from 550 due to Circlet.
*Headdress of Rejuvenation cost reduced to 1275 from 1325 due to Circlet.

Hero changes:
*2 new heroes: Ursa Warrior (Sentinel) & Bane Elemental (Scourge).
*Improved heroes: Drow Ranger, Leviathan, Stealth Assassin, Vengeful Spirit, Treant Protector, Brood Mother, Pugna, Silencer, Furion, and Naga Siren.
*Weakened heroes: Zeus, Viper, Dwarven Sniper

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