Version 5.74

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Version 5.74
(Full list)
  • Added new hero:
  • Removed hero:
    • Shaku, the Rider
Release Date
*Oblivion Staff damage reduced to 22 from 25.
*Fixed Dagon & Black King Bar from sharing cooldown.

Hero changes:
*Removed Rider. Added new hero -- Tidehunter.
*Changed Darkterror's model.
*Improved Assassinate.
*Reduced Akasha's attack range.
*Fixed repicking Syllabear.
*Removed Rider in favor of the Tidehunter.
*Decreased cooldown on Reverse Polarity.
*Re-changed Incapacitating Bite.
*Improved Insatiable Hunger.
*Buffed Take Aim.
*Debuffed Static Field.
*Fixed Silencer's ultimate tooltip.
*Morph can no longer copy Sprout or Rain of Tears.
*Buffed Light Strike Array and debuffed Ultimate.
*Fixed Viper and Venomancer sharing the 'V' hotkey.
*Buffed the AM's Spellshield slightly.
*Fixed Laguna Blade's use tooltip.
*Debuffed Eclipse.

Other changes:
*World Tree no longer attacks.

Unreleased Content

Fury of the Tides:
Each attack Leviathan makes is enhanced with the power of water. If he attacks the same target repeatedly, each attack deals more and more damage
Attack Damage Bonus per Stack: 3/5/7
Debuff Duration: 2.
This ability was supposed to be Tidehunter Ultimate but it was replaced by Rain of Tears.
However this ability was not deleted instead it was renamed and given to Ursa.

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