Version 5.71

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Version 5.71
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  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Buffed slightly Syllabear and Visage.
*Fixed Lion's Mana Draining teammates.
*Fixed multiple hero issues with Broodmother, Pugna, Night Stalker, and Terrorblade.
*Fixed a couple of tooltips.
*Fixed Terrorblade and the Spirit Bears so that they can attack air units.
*Reduced the damage that Suicide Squad, Attack! deals against buildings, and made it so that using this ability counts as a death.
*Nerfed Lycanthrope.
*Decreased the range on Exorcism.
*Decreased the life stolen by Naix.
*Doubled the cooldown on Doom.
*Improved the damage on all of Zeus's abilities except Static Field.
*Fixed Stone Form Gargoyles so that they no longer cost food.
*Fixed a bug that would cause afatal error with the Night Stalker.
*The Rider may no longer buy Boots of Travel. Increased duration on Drag by 1 second and gave him some more hit points.
*Fixed the hotkey on Passion of the Forest Curse.
*Fixed the Combowhore sounds.
*Redid the recipe for Refresher Orb.
*Changed Oblivion Staff.
*Replaced Soul Ring with Headdress of Rejuvenation.
*Fixed the recipe system.
*Fixed Morphling's ultimate.
*Fixed Eclipse.
*Fixed small issues with Run Down, Chain Frost, Omnislash, Mana Void, Medusa,and Lvl? Death.

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