Version 5.62

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Version 5.62
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Release Date
*Improved Dagon's damage at all levels.
*Added Silencer, Pugna, Broodmother, and Lone Druid as new heroes.
*Improved Split Shot.
*Added a new Nerubian Assassin ability.
*Increased cooldown a bit on Lother's Edge.
*Decreased damage on Chain Frost slightly, decreased Juggernaut hit points slightly, and slightly decreased damage on Exorcism.
*Increased cost on Ring of Regeneration.
*Fixed "sliding" hero purchase buttons.
*Fixed items showing cooldowns. Improved Magic Missile.
*Nerfed Drow's base and per level stats to be in line with other characters.
*Changed some other things that I just don't feel like listing.
  • Created Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna from Tarmick Mage concept and spells
  • Created Broodmother minimap icon.png Broodmother from Itsy, the Black Spider concept
  • Unreleased content
    • Added two unreleased heroes for Dire Kain, The Dragoon and Son of The Sun, The Keeper of The Flame
    • Kain, The Dragoon
    • Spells: Dragonscale Armor, Dragon Flight, Dragon Jump, Heart of The Dragon
    • Hero Description: None
    • Son of The Sun, The Keeper of The Flame
    • Hero Description: A fiery lord of the inferno that burns his opponents to ash at close range.
    • Spells: Fire Orbs, Flame Wave, Shroud of Flames, Pyre
Possible reasons why they were not added
1) Keep the same amount of pickable heroes for each team.
2) Guinsoo and TDA were not able to make the code work.
3) They were too hard to balance
4) One of the developer versions got leaked "DotA Allstars 5.62 beta2", showing all the triggers (game code). In this test version the blue player automatically picks the hero "Kain, The Dragoon" the hero which began at level 17.

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