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Version 5.62

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Version 5.62
(Full list)
Release Date
*Improved Dagon's damage at all levels.
*Added Silencer, Pugna, Broodmother, and Lone Druid as new heroes.
*Improved Split Shot.
*Added a new Nerubian Assassin ability.
*Increased cooldown a bit on Lother's Edge.
*Decreased damage on Chain Frost slightly, decreased Juggernaut hit points slightly, and slightly decreased damage on Exorcism.
*Increased cost on Ring of Regeneration.
*Fixed "sliding" hero purchase buttons.
*Fixed items showing cooldowns. Improved Magic Missile.
*Nerfed Drow's base and per level stats to be in line with other characters.
*Changed some other things that I just don't feel like listing.

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