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Version 5.62
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Release Date
*Improved Dagon's damage at all levels.
*Added Silencer, Pugna, Broodmother, and Lone Druid as new heroes.
*Improved Split Shot.
*Added a new Nerubian Assassin ability.
*Increased cooldown a bit on Lother's Edge.
*Decreased damage on Chain Frost slightly, decreased Juggernaut hit points slightly, and slightly decreased damage on Exorcism.
*Increased cost on Ring of Regeneration.
*Fixed "sliding" hero purchase buttons.
*Fixed items showing cooldowns. Improved Magic Missile.
*Nerfed Drow's base and per level stats to be in line with other characters.
*Changed some other things that I just don't feel like listing.
  • Created Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna from Tarmick Mage concept and spells
  • Created Broodmother minimap icon.png Broodmother from Itsy, the Black Spider concept

Unreleased content

 Added two unreleased heroes for radiant and dire '''Kain, The Dragoon''' and '''Son of The Sun, The Keeper of The Flame'''.
  • Kain, The Dragoon
    • Hero Description: None
      Main Attribute: Strength
      Base Damage: 22-30
      Base Armor: 2
      Attack Range: 180
      Attack Point/Backswing: 0.433/0.567
      Basic Attack Time: 1.70 (2.20 in the 5.62beta2)
      Strength: 25+2.50
      Agility: 15+1.60
      Intelligence: 15+1.60
      Cast Point/Backswing: 0.500/1.670
      Turn Point: 0.70
      Base Movement Speed: 295
    • Spells: Dragon Jump, Heart of The Dragon, Dragonscale Armor, Dragon Flight.
      Dragon Jump
      Allows the Dragoon to jump high into the air. When the Dragoon lands, he deals critical damage to a unit close to him, and stuns units within an aoe for 1 second. Drains 5% of the Dragoon's Maximum Mana per second.
      Damage: x2/x3/x3.5/4 Critical Damage
      Jump Time: 0.20
      Elevation Time: 0.50
      Cooldown: 20
      Movement Speed Reduction: 95
      While Dragon Jump is active Kain is unable to attack.
      While Dragon Jump is active Dragon Jump is replaced with Land.
      Allows the Dragoon to land. When the Dragoon lands, he deals x2/3/3.5/4 critical damage to a unit close to him, and stuns nearby units for 1 second.
      Heart of The Dragon
      Enhances the Dragoon's Weapon with the power of the dragon, which allows him to deal extra damage based on his current life.
      Deals 1/2/3/4% of your current life total as damage to attacked enemies.
      Dragonscale Armor
      Enhances the Dragoon's Armor with the power of the dragon, granting slight movement speed and resistance to magic.
      Reduces damage taken from spells by 15/20/25/30%, and increases movement speed by 10/15/20/25%. This movement speed does not stack with any item, but is greater than that of a Boots of Speed.
      Dragon Flight
      Allows the Dragoon to teleport to a target enemy hero while jumping, dealing the amount of damage that he normally does while Jumping.
      Allows the Dragoon to teleport to a target enemy hero while jumping, dealing the Critical damage from his Jump. Range is 800/1600/infinte.
      Cooldown: 20.
      Mana Cost: 200/300/400.
      Cast Range: 800/1600/global.
  • Son of The Sun, The Keeper of The Flame
    • Hero Description: A fiery lord of the inferno that burns his opponents to ash at close range.
      Main Attribute: Strength
      Base Damage: 11-18
      Base Armor: 2
      Attack Range: 128
      Attack Point/Backswing: 0.460/0.540
      Basic Attack Time: 1.70
      Strength: 20+2.20
      Agility: 16+2.40
      Intelligence: 16+1.60
      Cast Point/Backswing: 0.400/1.170
      Turn Point: 0.50
      Base Movement Speed: 300
    • Spells: Fire Orbs, Flame Wave, Shroud of Flames, Pyre
      Flame Wave
      Son of Sun releases a blast of fire, dealing damage to all surrounding targets
      100/175/250/325 damage.
      Mana Cost: 120/130/140/150
      Cooldown: 11
      AoE: 475
      Shroud of Flames
      Surrounds Son of Sun in a wall of flames, which will rupture and spew a wave of fire when he takes damage.
      5/10/15/20 damage.
      AoE: 100
      Adds extra damage to attacks. Units killed while under the effect of Pyre will turn into Pyre Flames.
      5/10/15/20 bonus damage, turns into a Lesser/Medium/Greater/Bon Pyre.
      Auto Cast
      Mana Cost: 10
      Cast Range: 150
      Pyre Duration: 60
      Pyre Close Range DPS: 15/30/45/60
      Pyre Medium Range DPS: 7/14/21/28
      AoE DPS: 250
      Fire Orbs
      Creates 6 fire orbs that orbit you. They have immolation and can be Destructed on a target.
      15/30/45 damage/second immolation, Destruct for 100/150/200 each.
      When Fire Orbs is learned Son of The Sun is granted another ability
      Mana Cost: 0
      Radius: Unknow.
      Detonates all of your orbs for 100/150/200 damage.
      Total Damage: 100/150/200
      Half Damage: 50/75/100
      Total Damage AoE: 250
      Half Damage AoE: 350
  • Possible reasons why they were not added.
    • 1) One of the developer/beta versions got leaked "DotA Allstars 5.62 beta2" showing all the game triggers.
    • In this test version the blue player will automatically pick the hero "Kain, The Dragoon".
    • Son of the Sun was not pickable neither automatically picked in this version.
    • 2) Son of the Sun second ability Pyre may have caused lag and game crashes.
    • Pyre worked by creating an invisible unclickable unit that causes damage in a small radius, many pyres could have caused the Warcraft III engine to struggle.

About Version 5.62 beta2

Loading Screen Title

DotA Allstars v5.62b1

Startup Notes

Once again, this version is NOT to be hosted.  ONLY syl-la-ble, Guinsoo, ama_noob, werehamster, or dankys may host this map (or give DIRECT permission for another to host it).

New: new Nerubian Assassin ability, Vengeful Spirit improved, Syllabear added to replace Conjurer, cooldown on Time Stop and Reverse Polarity greatly increased, mana burned on Diffusal Blade reduced.  5 more new heroes will be added before 5.62 is gone public.

Quest Notes

New in this version
Read loading screen k thx

DotA Allstars v5.62b1
This map is originally taken from TFT 7.0 and DotA Allstars v.96
Credits to syl-la-ble, zetta, mrquincy, battlebotv8.0, darky27, sopho, linkmaster, nokternal,
neichus, and everybody else who has helped me out.
Created 9/02/04 at 5:53 PM.

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