Version 5.61

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Version 5.61
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  • Balanced items.
Release Date
Date Needed
*Added Atma Weapon as a real, creatable recipe.
*Drecreased the damage output on Burize
*Increased the attack speed on Mask of Madness by an additional 20% and reduced the damage taken by 10%. Increased the lifesteal to 12%.
*Increased strength bonus on Heart of Tarrasque to 30.
*Reduced the cooldown on Dagon Energy Bursts.
*Increased the hit points regenerated on Aegis of the Immortal and Heart of Tarrasque to 11 per second, up from 9.
*Increased the stat bonus on Eye of Skadi from 20 to 25.
*Increased the lifesteal on Helm of the Dominator to 12%.
*Decreased the cooldown on Lothar's Edge to 22 seconds.
*Increased slightly the damage on Satanic.
*Changed Aegis of the Immortal so that when you die with it, it teleports you back to your base and then revives you. This makes it so that you don't lose all of your charges at once.
*Reduced the cost on Sapphire Water to 300.
*Increased the starting gold by 375 for -reverse games.
*Reduced the charges on Aegis of the Immortal to 4.
*Reduced the mana cost on Metamorphosis by 25.
*Reduced the mana cost on Soul Drain to 75 at all levels.
*Reduced the mana cost on Conjure Image slightly at all levels.
*Darkness now lasts only 25/50/80 seconds, but doesn't interrupt the normal transition of day and night.
*Added mana dissipation to Dissipate.
*Lesser Clarity Potion no longer stops working in combat, and the cost is reduced to 52.
*Made Gem of True Sight cost 750, but can now be dropped from your inventory.
*Sentry Wards cost 375.
*Manta Style charges are now 10.
*Refresher Orb now is based on a cooldown, instead of charges. It is limit 1.
*Nerubian Assassin now has Vendetta as his ultimate, and Spiked Carapace as a normal ability.
*MKB is now +55 damage, using the old recipe.
*You may only attack friendly creeps with HP less than 50%.
*Changed the mana cost and cooldown on Guardian Angel.

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