Version 5.60

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Version 5.60
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  • Balance changes.
Release Date
*Lothar's Edge - Wind Walk cooldown decreased and duration increased 1 second.
*Fixed Frost Armor's duration and hotkey.
*Omnislash - deals approximately 11% less damage.
*Razor - debuffed his range slightly, lowered his base speed slightly.
*Guinsoo's Sycthe - increased mana cost to 140.
*Anti-Mage - buffed attack speed by .05 seconds.
*Diffusal Blade - increased mana burned by Feedback to 25, increased cooldown on Purge to 12 seconds from 5, changed range to 600 (from 700), changed stun on Purge to 0 seconds, changed duration on Purge to 4 seconds from 5.
*Pudge - improved Evasion on flies by 10% at all levels, decreased progeneration time on flies by half at all levels, and buffed the fly damage.
*Troll Warlord - changed Berserker's Rage to give different bash %'s by level. Level 1 - 5% Bash: 50 damage and 0 stun. Level 2 - 5% Bash: 35 damage and 2 stun. Level 3 - 10% Bash: 35 damage and 2 stun. Level 4 - 15% Bash: 35 damage and 2 stun. Removed slightly lower attack speed inmelee form.
*Luna - slightly buffed Eclipse, rebuffed the AoE on Moon Glaives.
*Mana Shield - set to 1/1.5/2/2.5 damage per mana point.
*Furion - doubled cooldown on level 3 Wrath of Nature.
*Boots of Travel - increased casting time on teleport ability by another second, changed recipe to include a second Boots of Speed.
*Night Stalker - increased movement penalty on Void from 30% to 50%.
*Added a fix to Phantom Assassin's Blur bug. Typing -refresh casts a 0-damage Frost Nova on yourself, which should fix the visibility bug.
*Fixed Undercover so it stuns.
*Fixed some tooltip errors, hotkey overlaps, etc.
*Reduced Venomancer's range to 490.
*Added some periodic ambient weather effects.

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