Version 5.59

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Version 5.59
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  • Balanced heroes.
Release Date
*Chen - Holy Persuasion fixed.
*Pudge - Changed back to 5.54 times, with some changes.
*Diffusal Blade - charges back to 10.
*Boots of Travel - movement speed increased back to 110.
*Morphling - Changed his attribute bonus to 2/2 instead of 3/3.
*Luna - Damage reduction per bounce to 40%.
*Adjusted Clinkz's stats a bit so that he gets less HP and more MP.
*Lycanthropy - Buffed his pets just a hair.
*Medusa - halved the hit points on Tornadoes to 800.
*Juggernaut - fixed Omnislash: it now properly hits 3/5/8 targets rather than 4/7/10.
*Naga Siren - fixed Song of the Siren, reduced mana cost.
*Lich - increase stats per level, making him a better late game fighter.
*Stealth Assassin - set the range to 700 of Death Trap at all levels, lowered the damage on lvl4 Death Trap by 20.
*Added a slight slowing effect to Crippling Fear.
*Fixed Satanic.
*Nerfed Wrath of Nature.
*Medusa's Pandemona is replaced by Mana Shield, adjusted her stats to compensate. Gets the Scepter upgrade.
*Terrorblade - Took away mana steal from Soul Steal, fixed the duration on Metamorph to 30/40/50/60 seconds, increased the cooldown, halved the bonus hit points, and took chaos attack away from Metamorph. Sunder - added a minimum HP loss that Terrorblade has to take and increased the cooldown, increased mana cost slightly on Conjure Image.
*Cost on Sentry Wards down to 350.
*Lich - Replaced Decaying Soil with Frost Armor, slight buff to ultimate.
*Adjusted the mana cost on Storm Bolt, Chaos Bolt and God's Strength.
*Changed Lucy's model.
*Attacking tree/throne is forbidden, as is attacking friendly heroes that aren't Doomed or Shadow Stricken.
*Enabled the energy burst on Dagons to be upgraded with an Upgrader and a Mantle of Intelligence, adding 75 damage to the burst.
*Changed a couple of recipes so you can't easily make them by accident.

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