Version 5.58

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Version 5.58
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  • Balanced heroes.
Release Date
*Venomancer: Increased range by 50, improved damage a bit on Plague Wards.
*Leshrac: No changes.
*Lion: No changes.
*Magnus: Improved damage on Reverse Polarity to 150/225/300, decreased mana cost and cooldown on Shockwave SLIGHTLY, increased cooldown on Empower to 12, but roughly halved mana cost.
*Medusa: Changed cooldown on Split Shot to .75 seconds and added an option to autocast it, reduced mana cost on Purge and made it autokill summoned units, and decreased the mana cost and cooldown on Chain Lightning.
*Pudge: Changed Corpse Explosion to be pseudo-targeted, but decreased the range of Corpse and Chain Explosions by about 100.
*Visage: Decreased mana cost on Frenzy, decreased number of possible Gargoyle summons to 5/6/7.
*Terrorblade: Added Sunder as his new ultimate.

*Eye of Skadi's slowing effect is now slightly less pronounced, and an Upgrader is required to complete the recipe.
*Null Talisman and Soul Ring don't give any bonuses past their component items.
*The Butterfly: Evasion up to 23% and attack speed up to 30%.
*Gem of True Sight: Cost up to 900, but cannot be sold or dropped, except on death.
*Monkey King Bar: Improved damage to +57 and 30% chance to deal 110 bonus.
*Nethrezim Buckler: Decreased mana cost on ability slightly, reduced cooldown to 15, added +5 damage.
*Refresher Orb: Added a 3rd charge.
*Eul's Scepter of Divinity: Changed to recipe to Staff of Wizardry + Void Stone + Robe of the Magi.
*Helm of Iron Will: Added 1 armor.
*Radiance: Added 5 damage, added small Evasion effect.
*Boots of Travel: Gives less movement speed, took one Upgrader out of the recipe.
*Fixed a few tooltips on Guinsoo's Scythe, Satanic, Helm of the Dominator, and couple others that I cannot remember.

*Fixed hero tooltips, hotkeys, Morphling exp bug, Return bugs, reduced exp on player 13 creeps, reduced Roshan's difficulty, descriptions on Summon Golem Ability, Chain Explosion bug, and no doubt a few others I cannot remember.

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