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Version 5.56

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Version 5.56
(Full list)
  • Bug fixing.
Release Date

Version 5.55 Bug fixing.

This is a balance fixer, not a bug fixer. Look for another version to be out soon.
I can almost guarantee that i fucked up something major up here; i haven't tested it thoroughly enough yet, but i promised a release by today, so here you are
Naturally, i rushed to get a version out because everyone was whining and i was buggy as fuck. ah well i'll do my best to refine it over the next couple days.
Keeper checking back for version updates.
I fixed all bugs that were on the main post on the forum. I don't really feel like writing them all down >(
Terrorblade will have his new ultimate by 5.57 it's a bit bugged ATM.

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