Version 5.55

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Version 5.55
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  • Balanced heroes.
Release Date
Date Needed
  • Added the "secret item" Atma Weapon.
*Anti-Mage: Mana void damage changed to .6/.85/1.1, Mana Burn was replaced by Spell Shield.
*Bounty Hunter: Duplicate was replaced by Track, Shuriken Toss rescaled 100/200/250/325
*Dragon Knight: Immolation deals more damage and cost less mana, ultimate forms has been changed (previously blue-green-red, now green-red-blue). Breath of Fire damage reduced slightly.
*Omniknight: Repel now has a 15 cooldown
*Centaur: Return's bugs has been fixed, movement speed reduced, stats improved
*Chen: Holy Light mana cost reduced, Holy Persuasion now has a unit limit.
*Furion: Treants nerfed, you can't no longer cast Wrath of nature on the ground, you have to cast it on an enemy.
*Sniper: Take Aim range has been decreased
*Lina Slayer: Laguna Blade cooldown increased, Light Strike Array dealy reduced, Light Array Strike damage reduced
*Luna the Moon Rider: Each time moon glaives bounces it deals 50% less damage, stats has been reduced slightly.
*Brewmaster: Thunder Clap damage has been reduced, l Storm, Earth, and Fire duration has been decreased to 15, Drunken Haze's AOE removed and duration reduced to 5 seconds
*Conjurer: Ruby Golem can no longer stun, now only Mitrhill Golem can stun one unit per golem, summons deal normal damage, towers deal 25% extra damage to summons, phoenix no longer have fly movement, golem cooldown is set to 30 seconds
*Morphling: you can't no longer use the spells of the hero you undercover, stats has been reduced slightly.
*Rhasta: Serpent Ward's cooldown has been doubled, Forked Lightning costs more mana, Shackles duration reduced. Wards now deals 43/58/73 damage
*Stealth Assassin: Permanent Invisibility en level 5, Death Ward deals more damage at lvl 3 y 4.
*Crystal maiden: Freezing Field damage bug has been fixed, Frost Nova damage has been reduced slightly, Frostbite now deals 40 damage and the stun scales, Freezing Field damage reduced
*Vengeful Spirit: Magic Missile damage reduced and cool has been increased, Nether Swap no longer affects roshan and cooldown increased
*Naga Assassin: Ensnare cast range increased
*Goblin Techies: Land Mines damage and aoe reduced, cooldown increased; Remote Mines no longer gives true sight
*Juggernaut: Omnislash fixed
*Zeus: Lightning Reflexes and Shock removed; re added Static Field and Arc Lightning, Arc Lighting mana cost and cooldown decreased and also damage increased, Static field AOE increased. Lightning Bolt mana cost reduced 
*Bone Fletcher: Strafe bonus attack speed reduced
*Chaos Knight: Chaos Bolt stun duration is no longer a random timer between 1 and 6, instead a number between 1 and 5 (probably to prevent stuns that lasted for a decimal duration)
*Viper: Viper Strike range and damage increased, Poison Arrows mana cost reduced
*Razor: Storm Seeker's damage increased by a little bit, Frenzy reduces damage taken.
*Terrorblade: Infernals base armor reduced to 3/5/6.
*Doom Bringer: Devour has been fixed, decreased strength growth , Doom lasts 18 seconds
*Faceless Void: Carrion Swarm reaches further does less damage
*Lifestealer: Siphon Strength was replaced by Rage 
*Lycanthropy: Howl of Terror was replaced by Howl
*Nerubian Assassin: changed to Agility, base int increased
*Phantom Assassin: Coup de Grace targets heroes only.
*Queen of Pain: Fan of Knives and Sonic Wave both improved.
*Slithereen Guard: Added Sprint in place of Splash: decreased stun on War Stomp, decreased armor penalty on Amplify Damage.
*Night Stalker: fixed bugs with his daytime casting.
*Lich: fixed Chain Frost, Decaying Soil now hits heroes, lowered damage on Frost Nova.
*Leoric: no changes.
*Krobelus: decreased length/width on Carrion Swarm, reduced number of specters from Exorcism, increased base and per level Strength.
*Leshrac - nerfed Split Earth slightly, increased mana cost on Pulse Nova.
*Lion - removed building damaging from Scepter/Finger, doubled cooldown on Finger.
*Magnus - decreased stun on Reverse Polarity to 1/2/3 seconds.
*Medusa - improved Chain Lightning's damage, increased base stats, reduced mana cost and cooldown on Split Shot.
*Pudge - removed Carrion Flies and Beetles: Added Explosion and Chain Explosion.
*Visage - removed Death Pact and added Dissipate: improved Frenzy, improved base and starting stats.

*Added -reverse
*All auras now have a range of 300
*Super creeps are gone
*Fixed some bugs that I knew about: others I know about but still are not fixed in this version.

*Soul Ring: all stats bonus decreased by -1
*Null talisman: all stats decreased by -1; increased intelligence +1
*Boots of Elvenskin: Reduced cost from 575 to 450 gold (-125)
*Belt of Strength: Reduced cost from 575 to 450 gold (-125)
*Robe of Magi: Reduced cost from 575 to 450 gold (-125)
*Mana potion: Reduced cost from 90 to 75 gold (-15)
*Branch: Reduced cost from 65 to 57 gold (-8)
*Lothar's Edge:: Cooldown from 60 to 45 seconds
*Dagon: Reduced damage from 450 to 350; Reduced mana cost 310 to 245
*Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse: increased hex duration from 3 to 3.5 seconds; mana cost reduced 100 to 75 ; Cooldown 13 seconds
*Black King Bar:: Cooldown 60 sec
*Helm of Iron Will: 1400 a 1300 gold (-100)
*Helm of Dominator: Dominate Creeps 125 Mana; Cooldown 45 sec
*Netherezim Buckler: "Hp & Mana reg" 140 Mana; Cooldown 45 sec
*Diffusal Blade: Feedback 20 mana burn to Heroes & 40 mana burn to Units
*Cranium Basher: Adjusted Bash chance to 9% Melee, 3% Ranged
*Soul Booster: Hit Points Bonus +450; Mana Bonus +400; 
*Battle Fury: Hp Regen +5
*Boots of Travel: Cooldown 30 sec
*Satanic: Cooldown Dominate Creeps & Hp reg Cooldown to 15 sec
*Refresher Orb: Hit Points-Bonus +450; Mana-Bonus +400; Mana Cost 150, Now has two charges
*Eye of Skadi: Can now be bought by melee heroes
*Monkey King bar: Changed a chance of 40% to do +50 bonus damage to a chance of 30% to do +100 bonus damage
*Buriza do Kyanon: Now it can be bought by melee heroes
*Divine Rapier: Can no longer be dropped manually, now it only drops on death 
*Flame Lord's Aghanim removed

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Some parts of this changelog were translated from spanish, from this peruvian forum : "". This spanish changelog was already a translation made from the original english changelog, which wasn't visible due to a bug in the map. Therefore, the original translator changed or omitted some parts to make it easier to understand to his community.

The translated parts are as follows:

-Heroes from Anti Mage to Krobelus

-All Items section.