Version 5.53

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Version 5.53
(Full list)
  • Added new hero:
  • Removed;
  • Nerfed several heroes.
  • Updated Map theme from Forest (Lordaeron Fall) to Winter (Lordaeron Winter).
Release Date
  • Changed Tower damage type from Magical damage to Normal.
    • Magical Damage was a Warcraft III damage type that dealt extra damage versus light and heavy armor.
    • It deal 100% damage to Unarmored armor, 125% to Light armor, 75% damage to Medium armor, 200% damage to Heavy armor, 35% damage to Fortified and 75% damage to Hero armor.
*in one word: NERF NERF NERF.
*Nerfed Razor, QoP, Zeus, Rhasta, Traxex, Faceless Void, Visage, and Skeleton Fletcher. Someof them were big nerfs.
*Added Fire Bush back in, fixed a few bugs: Roshan soloing, blah, Dagger/Nether Swap. Aegis, changed back towers to Siege, Roshan is now harder and gives more plunder, reduced bonuses on Energy Booster, Vitality Booster, and Soul Booster, and added a new hero for the Sentinel. Rewrote a bunch of triggers and deleted a bunch of custom objects, hopefully decreasing loading time and in-game lag.

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