Version 4.1beta01

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Version 4.1beta01
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Release Date


  • Removed some trees to the bottom right of the Radiant/Sentinel Safe Lane, near the river.



Holy Armor.png Holy Armor

  • Removed
Diffusal Blade 1 icon.png
  • Fixed Active
  • Active: Inhibit
    • Targets an enemy, slowing it for 5 seconds.
    • Damage to Summoned Units: 750.
    • Cast Range: 700.
    • Duration Hero/Creep: 5/15.
    • Cooldown: 5.
    • Mana Cost: 0.

Map Description

Have fun with an expanded version of DotA Allstars.  Featuring 24 heroes for each side, cool sounds, item recipies, and more!

Loading Screen

DotA Allstars v4.1beta01
Getting closer every time..
Please remember that gold transfer is disabled.  Don't ask your allies for money!

Item powerups and super creeps now automatically spawn unless enough players type -nosupercreeps or -nopowerups, respectively.

If you die, you will respawn, shortly.  Do not leave!  If you are getting owned, go to a different lane instead of leaving!
This map is simply for beta testing, at the moment 
Credits to syl-la-ble, WKnight, Zetta, mrquincy, mortred, about11, 
battlebotv8.0, darky27, sopho, linkmaster, nokternal, neichus and 
everybody else who helped me out
Check out our forum
Find a game channel Clan TDA@Azeroth.
Created on 4/23/04 at 10:50 PM.

Startup Notes

Stop by the forum at
Check the quest menu for more information.

Gold transfer has been disabled!

If you don't want super creeps, type -nosupercreeps right now!
If you don't want item powerups, type -nopowerups right now!
You may now -repick once.  It costs you 50 gold and gives you a new hero.  You may only do this in the first 60 seconds!

Due to the proliferation of fake versions of my maps, I now keep a list of all official versions. 
You can find it in our forums at

Forbidden Spellsteals

The following spells cannot be stolen by morphling Spellsteal 
(due to single-instancability of many trigger spells): Freezing Field, 
Nether spirit, spell shield, Elder Dragon Form, Omnislash, Eclipse, 
Poison arrows, Glaciar Crush, Chain Frost, Diabolic Edict, and Poison Nova.

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