Version 4.0beta3

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Version 4.0beta3
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  • Balance Changes
Release Date


  • Removed a Neutral Creep Camp near Mid Lane Shop that was not removed last patch.


  • Increased HP from 9000 to 12000.
  • Increased bounty from 103-400 to 105-600.


Chaos Knight icon.png
  • About 11 (pre 5.65)
    • Reduced mana cost from 125 to 175.
    • Reduced duration from 15/30/45 to 15/20/25.
Death Prophet icon.png
  • Reduced Silence duration from 8/10/12/14 to 6/7/9/10.
Doom icon.png
  • Added a 2 second cast time to Phaser.
  • Doom
    • Reduced duration from 30/60/90 to 30 on each level.
    • Increased cooldown from 120 to 150.
Drow Ranger icon.png
  • Reduced Silence duration from 8/10/12/14 to 6/7/9/10.
Omniknight icon.png
  • Reduced Holy Blade bonus attack range from 400/500/600 to 300/400/500.
Razor icon.png
  • Reduced Unholy Aura health regen bonus from 20/40/60/100% to 20/40/60/80%.
Shadow Shaman icon.png
Techies icon.png
  • Increased Land Mines Half Damage from 100/150/200/250 to 150/200/250/300.
Terrorblade icon.png
  • Changed attack type from ranged to melee.
  • Reduced attack range from 700 to 100.
  • Increased base attack damage from 7-7 to 7-13.
  • Reduced Silence duration from 8/10/12/14 to 6/7/9/10.
  • Rain of Chaos
    • Increased cooldown from 120/180/240 to 240.
    • Increased duration from 120/180/240 to 240.
      Reduced Infernal damage from 26-37/37-48/47-58 to 15-27/25-36/35-46.


  • Wand of Negation can no longer be bought from the Base Shops.
  • Added back Flask of Sapphire Water
Leather Tunic icon.png
  • Increased gold cost from 825 to 850.
Platemail icon.png
  • Increased gold cost from 630 to 1200.
Upgrader icon.png
  • Increased gold cost from 1200 to 1300.

Mithril Armor.png Mithril Armor

  • Increased gold cost from 3300 to 3800.

Map Description

Have fun with an expanded version of DotA Allstars.  Featuring 24 new heroes for each side, cool sounds, item recipies, and more!.

Loading Screen

DotA Allstars v4.0beta3
Getting closer every time..
Please remember that gold transfer is disabled. Don’t ask your allies for money!
Item powerups (requiring a 7-3 vote) can be found near the river. Super creeps (also requiring a 7-3 vote) spawn randomly after 10 minutes have passed.
I have tested all the heroes and all the features, but there will still undoubtedly be bugs. This is a beta version! Please report them on the forum at!

Startup Notes

Stop by the forum at
Check the quest menu for more information.

Gold transfer has been disabled!
In 20 seconds, you will be given the opportunity to vote on 2 subjects. If you chose to vote for super creeps: after 10 minutes, very powerful creeps can randomly spawn for the Sentinel or Undead and attack a lane.
If you vote for item powerups, a Double Damage, Invisibility, Speed, or Regeneration, can spawn every 2 minutes in one of two spots in the middle, near the river.
Roshan, a powerful Granite Golem, is available to be killed at any point. He resides in Morbazan's old spot.
The killing team receives 500 gold apiece and plenty of experience.
As you destroy your enemy's Hunter Halls or Graveyards, your creeps grow more powerful.
Almost all recipes, when made, give the same bonuses as the items used in the recipe, plus a bonus of some kind.
After 20 seconds has passed, you may choose your Hero. Creeps will not spawn until 60 seconds.

Vote Menu

I vote for ...
1) Super creeps and item powerups
2) Super creeps but not powerups
3) Powerups but not super creeps
4) Neither super creeps or powerups

Quest Notes

v4.0beta1 [?]
Welcome back to my DotA
New in this version:
A few new Ramps
More sneakiness
Super creeps (optional):
After 10 minutes has passed, big strong creeps can spawn for either camp, at any time.
item power ups(optional)
Just outside of the river, powerups can spawn every 2 minutes in 2 specific spots
Item recipes
Level 4 abilities
Some new ultimates
Rebalanced game play (hopefully!)
This map is originally taken form TFT Dota 7.0 and dota Allstars v.96b
Type -random to randomly select a hero.
This map is simply for beta testing, at the moment 
Credits to syl-la-ble, WKnight, Zetta, mrquincy, mortred, about11, battlebotv8.0, darky27, sopho, linkmaster, nokternal and everybody else who helped me out
Check out our forum at
Created on 4/8/04 at 5:06 PM.

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