Version 3.2a

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Version 3.2a
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  • Balance changes.
Release Date

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This is a modified DotA.  13 heroes have been added to Allstars v.96. As this is still in beta, balance and bugs can be an issue. Please email me with any feedback.  Or, drop by the forum at
The newest version of my DotA can always be found at

------>Gold transfer is disabled!!!!!! <------ READ ME
Please read the quest menu when you have a few spare seconds.

Startup Notes

Stop by the forum at
If you think the map is bugged, or imbalanced, drop by the forum and leave a post.  As this version contained many changes, I'm sure there will be bugs.  PLEASE email me about them!  Check the quest menu for more information.

Gold transfer has been removed.

Quest Notes

*Added minor Bash to Lycenthopy
*Added bounty to most buildings.
*Narfed Vampiric Aura and War Stomp slightly.
*Changed Thunder Knight to intelligence hero.
*Turned up Medusa's hit points.
*Fixed Bloodfury.
*Removed God's Blink and replaced it with Sleep.
*Fixed Staff of Wisdom.
*Fixed a few heroes that had really high starting stats.
*Changed "holy shit" to "beyond godlike"
*Probably a myriad of other things that I cannot remember.

Thanks go out to a myriad of testers, but especially syl-la-ble, Zetta, glavius, maxx(cf), Mortred, dc.shifty, stud7, jesusis1337, About11, WKnight, TheDotaGuy, and Emilythestrange (my apologies if I forgot anybody!).
Props also go out to Eul, the creator of the original DotA.

This map was tested/edited by Guinsoo.
ICQ # 30421237
AIM Godwalksthearth account "Guinsoo" on USeast (Azeroth)
Home channel "9nid"
Visit the forum at
Visit the 9nid webshite at
Email me at

Any questions, comments, concerns, issues, observations, thoughts, queries, flames, praises, or any other forms of communication? Email me or stop by the forum. Save the replay if you can.

This map was edited/created by Guinsoo on 3/24/04

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