Version 3.00d

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Version 3.00d
(Full list)
  • Added new hero:
  • Removed
    • Fatty, the Monstrosity
Release Date
  • Added Medusa minimap icon.png Medusa.
  • Fatty, the Monstrosity
Changed Dark Prison Hotkey.
Chaos Knight hotkey fixed, critical narfed.
Changed sentinel towers to be like undead towers.
Changed both towers to magic damage.
Fixed lvl 3 Crypt Fiend not having sleep, as it should.
Nerubian Assassin is now melee.
Turned down Summoner.
Fixed Poison Sting for Venomancer which was broken.
Changed Traxex's ultimate skill.
Narfed Chaos Knight.
Changed lvl 3 Cloud.
Changed most spells to enemy-only to prevent creeps from returning to base.
Fixed/turned down Feedback.
Fixed Medusa bugs.
Thanks go out to a myriad of test, but especially syl-la-ble, Zetta, glavius, maxx(cf), Mortred,
dc.shifty, stud7, jesusis1337, About11, WKnight, TheDotaGuy, and Emelythestrange(my apologies if
I forgot anybody!). Props also go out to Eul, the creator of the original DotA.
This map was tested/edited by Guinsoo.
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Any question, comments, concerns, issues, observations, thoughts, quotes, flames, praises or
any other forums of communication? Email me or stop by the forum. Save the replay if you can.
This map was edited/created by guinsoo on 3/23/04

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