Version 0.999

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Version 0.999
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deleted Blades of Attack icon.png Blades of Attack +6

Release Date

Loading Screen

Image of Loading Screen has changed.

.999 is 666. upside down.

After one last hiccup the last Beta is here (and we mean it this time). All kinds of changes in this version. There shouldn't be any more problems. If you are reading this delete all copies of other versions from your computer.
- Lag in the beginning due to tavern hero selection, meathead.
- Mail comments, suggestions, pick-up game requests, etc to; also free to email questions about strategy. Don't bother unless you're serious.
- Moved half a forest.

Startup Notes

Welcome to DOTA Allstars
This map has been edited by Ragn0r and Meian to add new hero's/spells.
*Hero buy back now available.
*Random hero selection method now available type "-random" to activate.
*Repick has been added type "-repick" to activate, you can't repick at level 4+.
*When a player leaves all his gold is split among the remaining players.
*Check Quest menu for more details
This map was play tester by MasterCow

Quest Notes

*when your teammates leave all remaining players on your team get any gold the player had when they left split among them as well as any gold that hero earns from then on.
*Hero buy back now available.
*Random hero section type "-random" to activate
*death timmers have been added.
*fixed share control for yellow, light blue and pink
*fixed yellow's death timer.
*fixed giant growth bug.
*fixed bats frost nova.
*repick now availible type "-repick" to activate, it must be used before level 4.
*throw out the fatties a.k.a. (giant, monstrosity) they were being to troublesome.
*death coil costs more and has longer cooldown.
*deat pact has shorter cooldown and costs less.
*timestop cool down has been increased.
*too many fixes to remember.
*if this map says "new units dota" in the name it is a hacked ver. do not play it as someone modified it to have thier own uber hero in it, they did not mod it in the interest of balance, and they are trying to take credit for dota allstars.
*any DOTA Allstars 0.96 versions are all hacked, i never made a 0.96 version I skipped that number after seeing that number being used by people that hacked my map.
*if u hack this map please call it somthing other than DOTA Allstars because if someone besides me works on it, then it is no longer DOTA Allstars. I've taken pride in balancing this map and working out all bugs, and for people to mod this map just pisses me off. I'll admit I did base this map of TFT DOTA 7.0 but I didn't name it TFT DOTA 7.1 did I? And with the amount of work that has been put in it you could hardly call this a rippoff, allmost all the triggers are new, many new heroes were added, new spells were added, existing heroes were reworked, and existing spells were reworked. It's not like I just modded a map to create an uber hero for myself.

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